Rattan Bistro Sets

Need a table for 2? Check out the below deals and see what an amazing range of rattan bistro sets we have here at Wowcher for you to choose from! Perfect for couples to make your outdoor garden space into a special romantic dining area! Scroll down to discover our full range and check out our FAQs at the bottom!

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Foldable Rattan Bistro Set

Don't have a large spacious outdoor seating area? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the finer things! The rattan bistro set is your dream come true. These luxurious sets are designed with storage in mind, meaning you can enjoy a relaxed romantic evening and when it's over your rattan bistro set folds away compactly. This luxurious set is ideal!

Bistro Rattan Lounge Set

Bistro rattan sets are not just for dinner! If you're looking for a little more room to sit back and relax, then you're in for a treat. We've got a range of bistro rattan sets specifically designed for sitting back and relaxing. This bistro rattan lounge set includes two armchairs and a coffee table. Ideal for relaxing in the garden. Plus, these bistro sets are made from high quality material, making your investment in relaxation worthwhile!

Rattan Furniture Materials

Our rattan bistro sets are crafted using premium materials to enhance your outdoor experience. With both rattan and poly rattan available our bistro sets are lightweight and robust against the great outdoors. What's more, poly rattan is eco-conscious, minimizing your carbon footprint and aligning with sustainable living. By choosing our poly rattan furniture, you not only enjoy the charm of traditional rattan but also contribute to a greener future, all while relishing the convenience it brings to your outdoor spaces.

Rattan Bistro Sets FAQs

What Is A Bistro Table Set?

Bistro sets are much smaller than traditional outdoor garden furniture sets! They're small size and compact ability make them ideal for small gardens or for those who do not have a permanent outdoor space. Our rattan bistro table sets often include two armchairs and a coffee table. These versatile sets give you the freedom to enjoy luxury summer evenings without taking up too much space but still providing you with a high-quality extravagant experience.

What Is A Bistro Set Used For?

The beauty of a bistro set is in the eye of the beholder! These sets have a unique and beautiful design with origins that are inspired by the narrow streets of Paris. Created for the coffee shops that line the Parisian streets, these small dining sets are ideal for coffee breaks, meals or a well overdue catch up over a glass of wine. The popular design has now spread far and wide across the world and has now landed here for you to enjoy in the comfort of your garden!