Garden Furniture Covers - Rattan furniture & BBQ Covers

Looking to increase the life of your garden furniture? We've got you covered! Keep your patio and garden furniture and equipment looking pristine with our deals on waterproof and weatherproof covers. With a range of sizes and shapes, these are ideal for your BBQs, rattan sofas, sun loungers, chairs, and tables and more.

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Rattan Garden Furniture Covers

To safeguard your rattan sofas, sun loungers, chairs, and tables from the elements, explore our range of protective covers. Crafted from robust PU material, these covers are not only water-resistant but also resistant to fading and scratching. They provide an effective shield against harsh weather conditions, ensuring your rattan furniture retains its allure. With these covers, your garden oasis remains inviting, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and comfort of your outdoor haven year-round. Keep your rattan investments in pristine condition with our reliable covers. For all your garden essentials, check out our main Garden Page !

L-Shaped Covers

Preserve your outdoor corner sofa in style with our L-shaped garden furniture covers. Whether your corner sofa is grand or compact, our range includes various sizes to cater to your specific needs. With these quality covers, your corner sofa will stay looking pristine all year round! Protect your furniture from the elements and ensure your furniture's longevity.

Duo-Companion Covers

Struggling to find a cover to fit your larger rattan sets? Look no further! Ideal for larger pieces, these duo-companion covers provide comprehensive protection. Just place your furniture under the spacious storage bag and secure it with the tightening cords at the base. With this simple yet effective solution, you can keep all your outdoor essentials shielded from harsh weather conditions, ensuring they stay in top-notch condition. Invest in the durability and functionality of duo-companion covers to preserve your outdoor living space and enjoy your outdoor appliances year-round.

Should You Cover Wooden Garden Furniture?

Another popular material for outdoor garden furniture is wood. Unlike rattan, wooden garden furniture should not be protected with covers. It can lead to moisture buildup and the growth of rot fungus, causing damage. Instead, it's advisable to store your wooden pieces in a well-ventilated shed or storage area to protect them from the elements. Proper storage ensures your wooden furniture stays in top condition, preserving its natural beauty and longevity. So, while covers are a great option for some materials, for wooden garden furniture, a dry and well-ventilated storage space is the key to keeping it looking its best.

Can You Wash Garden Furniture Covers?

Garden furniture covers are your outdoor guardians, facing the elements on a daily basis. To keep your covers in tip top condition giving them a clean could help the longevity of your covers. Grab a brush and some soapy water to gently scrub away any stains they've collected. For added protection, consider using a fabric guard spray to facilitate quick and easy dirt removal in the future. After the cleaning process, ensure your covers have ample time to air dry completely before placing them back on your furniture. By giving your covers this TLC, you can keep them looking fresh and extend their life, ensuring your outdoor furniture remains well-protected.

How to Stop Garden Furniture Covers Blowing Away

Worried about your garden furniture covers taking flight with the wind? The solution is simple: clamps. Invest in a few clamp covers, and the bigger your cover, the more you'll need. Slide them snugly into a corner of your garden furniture, securing the cover firmly on top. While some may consider using rocks for weight, they can sometimes cause damage. Clamps are your best bet, providing a secure and damage-free way to keep your covers in place, ensuring they stay put and your outdoor furniture remains protected, even in gusty weather. Say goodbye to cover-chasing woes with this smart solution.