Garden Ornaments

Take pride in your garden by adding personal touches with garden ornaments and let your personality shine through. At Wowcher we have hundreds of garden ornaments to choose from at a variety of price ranges. Whether you're looking for a bohemian aesthetic or a more whimsical fairy vibe, we've got you covered! Scroll down and explore what garden ornaments we have on offer!

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Fairy Garden Ornaments

Creating your perfect whimsical fairy garden is no mean feat, but we've got everything you need to make your fairy dreams come true. With just a pinch of pixie dust you can transform your garden, we've got fair lights and whimsical fairy garden doors or even garden trolls to add to the magical mischief of your garden!

Stone Garden Ornaments

For a more traditional garden atmosphere our stone garden ornaments are the perfect decorative choice. Available at a range of prices these ornaments are ideal for adding a modern touch to your garden without overwhelming the space or distracting from your beautiful plants and flowers. Plus, stone ornaments also blend in well with any quirky garden gnomes you have. The practical nature of stone ornaments also makes them a fan favourite, why not treat the neigh boroughhood birds to a new bird bath?

Animal Garden Ornaments

Everybody loves animals and so adding them to your garden is the perfect way to show your adoration for our furry friends! From realistic puppy ornaments to comedic duck ornaments , we've got you covered! Transform your garden to an animal loving kingdom.