Ensure you stay protected under the sun while bringing ample shade to your garden with our selection of parasol deals! Complete your outdoor furniture ensemble and rest assured, our deals have got you covered!

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Parasols & Garden Umbrellas

Parasols are designed to ensure your safety and comfort under the sun, so whether you're dining al-fresco, soaking up the sun on a lounger or simply relaxing and unwinding with loved ones, you'll stay cool and protected! At Wowcher, we've got you covered with a diverse selection of parasols to suit every taste, from chic cantilever parasols to more classic retro styles! Explore our selection on this page...

Cantilever Parasols

Explore our range of cantilever garden parasols, with telescopic arms to offer 360 degrees of sun protection! From a classic cantilever with a 180gsm polyester canopy, robust steel frame, and crank mechanism in cream or grey, to a snazzy LED parasol in grey or cream, boasting 32 solar-powered lights, you'll be spolt for choice! For a burst of colour, this option offers a variety of hues, a waterproof cover, and a convenient crank winding mechanism. Whether you seek simplicity or added features, these cantilever parasols are the perfect garden accessory.

Tilt & Crank Parasols

For the ideal shady retreat in your garden, consider a tilt and crank parasol! Crafted to shield you from unpredictable weather, these parasols offer a portable shade solution wherever you need it. The user-friendly tilt & crank mechanism lets you effortlessly adjust the pole's height and tilt it for complete sun avoidance. With compact sizes available, they are perfect for smaller gardens and patios, ensuring you stay comfortably shaded no matter the weather. A tilt and crank parasol with LED lights to enhance your garden’s ambiance from day to night!

Solar LED Parasols

Extend your time in the garden even after the sun sets with our solar LED parasols! These innovative umbrellas are not only spacious, offering ample shade and protection against unexpected showers, but they also feature built-in LED lights for an enchanting evening ambiance. Perfect for garden parties and BBQs, these solar LED parasols ensure you can unwind outdoors day or night, creating a delightful atmosphere for all your outdoor gatherings. Whether you choose a tilted parasol with 24 LED lights for sun protection at all angles, a stunning 36 LED cantilever parasol for a gorgeous twinkle of lights overhead, or a double sided 4.4m parasol with LED lights for those larger garden gatherings, a solar LED parasol is the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space.

Double Sided Umbrella Parasols

Check out the versatile double-sided umbrella parasol – a practical choice for anyone who loves to be the host with the most! With its larger size, it's perfect for accommodating bigger groups for barbecues or garden parties, or just for providing extra shade for the UV-conscious. The robust build ensures longevity, and it's UV and fade-resistant, keeping you protected even in unexpected showers! Go for one with LED lights to keep the party going into the night! Thanks to the crank lift, opening and closing are a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly create the ideal shaded haven for your garden! Essentially, if you're the host of the group, you'll definitely want one of these!

Bluetooth Speaker Parasol

If you're looking for a garden parasol with a bit of a twist, then the Bluetooth speaker parasol might be exactly what you need! You'll also have the shade and comfort that you need from the hot weather, meaning you can enjoy the sunshine safely. There is the added feature of a Bluetooth speaker though so you'll be able to play your favourite tunes all day long! With this deal, you can also upgrade to include a parasol cover to keep it protected from bad weather and make it easier for you to clean.

Parasol Bases

Because we're all about that base! You'll want to boost your parasol's stability with a reliable parasol base, ensuring it stands strong throughout the day! These bases not only prevent tipping or flying in changing weather conditions but also provide that extra support your parasol needs. With various shapes and sizes available, make sure to select the right fit for your parasol. Most bases are easily disassembled and reassembled, simplifying movement around the garden. Additionally, many of our bases can be filled with water for added stability. We're all about that base here at Wowcher, and we hope you are too!

Parasols FAQs

What Is The Best Type Of Parasol?

The perfect parasol boils down to your personal taste. When making a choice, consider your intended use and location. Standard parasols stand tall to create shade, and can be placed in the middle of garden tables (which often have a hole in the centre). Cantilever parasols gracefully arch over you without intruding on your garden setup. Tilt and Crank parasols provide shade from every angle, ensuring complete sun protection. Opt for a double-sided parasol parasol for those larger BBQ parties and late-night garden bashes! If you're feeling retro, go for a timeless beach parasol. Want to brighten your day or night? A solar LED parasol is just the ticket!

Are Parasols Worth It?

Absolutely! It's definitely worth getting hold of one, especially if you love spending lots of time out in the sun. They usually don't take up much space either, so no matter the size of your garden, you can enjoy the shade and protection that parasols provide. With their simplistic and subtle styles, they'll fit right into your garden and won't clash with any of your garden furniture. From late night parties to early evening dining, you'll be kept cool under your garden umbrella!

Do I Need A Cover For My Parasol?

Sure thing, it's a smart move to grab a parasol cover! While our parasols are somewhat weather-resistant, it's better not to keep them out all year round. If you've got the space, stow it in your shed, greenhouse, or garden storage box. If not, a parasol cover is your go-to option. Parasols can handle light rain, but a cover gives them top-notch protection, preserving their fresh look for longer! Bonus: it makes cleaning a breeze. Many of our parasol deals come with a cover or offer an upgrade option. If not, we also sell parasol covers separately. Just double-check the size you need before you shop!

How To Clean A Parasol

Alright, now that you've got your fancy new garden parasol, let's keep it looking sharp with our quick cleaning tips! If the sun's shining and you're gearing up for a clean, kick things off by moving it to a shady spot. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to sweep away the dust and dirt before giving it a good hose-down. For a deeper clean, grab a sponge, mix up some warm water and washing up liquid, and give it a gentle scrub. Rinse it off, let it air dry, and you're all set!