Garden Gnomes

Decorate your garden with some classic garden gnomes! We have an amazing range of garden gnomes that are guaranteed to liven up your garden. From naughty garden gnomes to funny garden gnomes, we've got them all here!

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What Is A Garden Gnome?

If you don't know what a garden gnome is then where have you been? Garden gnomes are small ornaments and figures based on mythological creatures. Their purpose was originally to provide protection, particularly over treasure and minerals in the ground. People still put them in their gardens today to watch over their crops and livestock, you may even spot one in a barn or on a farm!

Are Garden Gnomes Evil?

We know garden gnomes can look a little mischievous, but they're not believed to be evil! If you treat them well and look after them, then it's said that they should bring you good luck!

Our Deals On Garden Gnomes

We have a fantastic range of garden gnomes that would look great in your garden! As they say, there's no place like gnome! Whether you're looking for a funny set of garden gnomes to watch over your new plants or a Viking garden gnome to stand guard over your garden while you're away, you'll find plenty to choose from at Wowcher!