Valentine's Day Gifts 2024

The month of love has arrived, but don't worry we've got everything you need to ensure the day goes off without any broken hearts! Below you'll find the best gifts for your special someone this Valentine's. We've got suggestions for him or her, shared gifts for couples and even romantic getaways for grand declarations of love! If being cheesy is more your style, don't worry, we brie-lieve we've got that covered too! Head below and check out how many ways you can say I love you!

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Wear your heart on your sleeve this year and tell that special someone just how much you love them. From chocolates and roses to jewellery and watches, we've got something for everyone. Looking for something personalised or perhaps a little bit sensual? Look no further - we've got all your bases covered. Why not treat the love of your life to a romantic getaway? Who knows what questions might get popped!

History of Valentine's Day and Valentine's Traditions

People have been finding different ways to tell each other they love them for centuries; love is part of what makes us human. It's everywhere - it's in the breakfast lovingly made and served in bed, it's the cup of tea brought to your desk whilst you work. As Hugh Grant says love really is all around and so of course we do have one day a year dedicated to showing our love.

The history of Valentine's Day is a rather long story, but it starts with marriage. St Valentine famously defied the Roman Empire and married couples in secret to protect men from war. This is where our love holiday gets its unique name. It was not until much later though in the 1500s that formal love letters were created for the festival, and by the 1700s these cards began to be mass produced, a tradition we still use today. But Valentine's Day is celebrated differently throughout the world. In Slovenia it's believed that birds propose to each other, and to witness this occasion, you must walk barefoot through fields. Our personal favourite of course is that in Bulgaria, couples toast to their love with a glass of local wine, as the day is the 'day of winemakers'! Cheers to that.

Gifts For Couples

Spending time together is hugely important, especially on the most romantic day of the year! Why not treat yourself to a Couples Spa Day or enjoy an Afternoon Tea together. It's the perfect gift that says 'I want to spend quality time with you'!

Valentine's Gifts For Him

Show your partner in crime just how much they mean to you on Valentine's Day! Whether you're looking for a practical and useful present or a sweet and meaningful personalised present, Wowcher has you covered. Why not go all out and treat your man to a new watch

Valentine's Gifts For Her

Happy Valentine's Day! It's time to treat the woman of your dreams! Everybody knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend so why not treat her to some sparkles ? Thoughtfulness and personalisationare key, making her feel cherished on this special day. Whatever you choose, it's the sentiment behind the gift that truly matters.

Romantic Getaways

Everybody loves a holiday and if you're thinking of popping the question, why not do it on a magical romantic getaway? We've got a variety of places to choose, from quaint and quirky Scotland to romantic Florence the possibilities are endless. So why not whisk your loved one away for a special treat this Valentine's Day? You know Wowcher can get you there for a great price.

Flowers & Cards

What better way to show your love and appreciation for your partner, friend or family member than by giving them a bouquet of their favourite flowers. We've got a wonderful a 40% off fresh flowers subscription that can certainly brighten up anyone's mood. With the choice of a range of fresh flowers, you can pick one that your partner adores. Why not go the extra step and write them a message on a card that really makes them feel appreciated and loved, the right words from the right person can most definitely make my day!

What To Do On Valentine's Day

Have yet to sort out your Valentine's day plans? Don't worry, we got you covered! From city breaks like this Amsterdam getawayto exhilarating experiences like this supercar driving experience that is bound to get your heart racing. Find more deals like this online and plan your perfect Valentine's date today!

Stay at Home Valentine's Day Ideas

Who doesn't love a night in? So why not cook up your favourite meal together or if you're feeling especially lazy, get one of our tasty hampers delivered to your door for an easy night in! This Cheese & Wine hamper could make the perfect appetisers while you enjoy cooking together, watching films or playing board games. Sometimes it's the little things that really count.

Galentine's Day

It's not always about the couples and for my single ladies out there, this one's for you! So let's gather the girlies and had out for a cute brunch date together, or if you're after something low-key then stay home while you vibe to some music, make cute cocktails or have an indoor spa day with this mask and chill skincare set! You could even go all out and book a spa day treatment like our Hammam spa experience for a relaxing day out with your bestie! Valentine's isn't just about the couples, it's about those that you love and care for and appreciating them to the fullest

Adult Gift Ideas

Did you know the letter V in Valentines Day stands for vibes, and I don't just mean good vibes only. Whether you're with a partner, there's always a way to spice things up! Check out our 8pc valentines set that comes with two play dice for some extra fun or this couples sex toy set to make your Valentines the most memorable one you could have!

Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift that will be cherished for a long time and is personal? Our wide range of personalised items such as jewellery or a personalised Spotify keepsake where you can add your song that reminds you of your special person to commemorate their memory! And while all this new, techy stuff is cool, you could try making a gift for them and adding your own personal touch to their gift. Whether it's a knitted hat, a painting or a vase from pottery class. It's the thought that counts and if we can express that love, that's all that matters.