Valentine's Day Quotes

Charm awaits you at your doorstep and you'll encounter plenty romance in the heart of London! If you're a settled Londoner and you want a cosy celebration, we know there's a ton of places you may have overlooked for your usual hotspots. Or if you're an excited visitor, there's more beyond the tourist attractions and we think we’ve got the key to your heart! London's the city of love this year, and who knows, you might find yourself revisiting the Valentine's spot for future anniversaries!

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Local Wine & Dines

Hopeless romantics gather round, because we're here to let you know that a classic wine and dine in the city is timeless! No matter how many years you've been together, you know there can only be one chef, one chosen playlist and two bickers about the choice of wine! So, why not skip the fuss this year with a promising 3-Course Meal & Sparkling Wine for 2 on the River Thames at Vicinity in 4* The Tower Hotel?

With a signature menu including salads, stone pizzas, burgers and more, you'll enjoy a delicious meal and laugh about last year's kitchen war! Glasses clinking, lush bites, a stunning backdrop of Tower's a recipe for success and you don’t have to push the boat out because it's a local gem! The options are endless, but this 2 Course Dining with Wine For 2 at The Mandeville Hotel 4*, Marylebone is just perfect! Get dressed up and enjoy the lush location that was right under your nose the whole time. Indulge in spectacular starters such as smoked chicken salad, mouth-watering mains, and tantalizing desserts like passionfruit and citrus cheesecake! Picture it now, sharing bites from your plates, meals to satisfy, and the knowing that home is a stone's throw away!

Arts of Romance

In a city of arts and culture, creativity from the heart is priceless, and the perfect idea for Valentine's! Heart-shaped egg cutters, traditional cards, and the homemade hamper are wildly cute, but we reckon you could visit the less-travelled roads this year! Why not try a BYOB Ultimate Pottery Making & Painting Experience for 1 at London Bridge? Get ahead of the game yourself and craft a quirky little mug to serve alongside the heart-shaped breakfast and really design it from the heart. Paint it with your partner's favorite colors too and show them that you truly know them like no other! Perhaps your special Valentine has been looking for a new hobby and they have a natural flair for creating magic. In that case, they'll know just how much you listen when you surprise them with just the thing they were looking for! Locally sourced art and sentimental gestures? The wheels are spinning and we hear jack-pottery!

You know it's the thought that counts and we think a day spent creating a showcase of your love is a grand gesture beyond compare. Venture out into London's hub of art and bring the heart to life for a gift that can be treasured forever. Anything can be your canvas when your palette is a blend of true love and you can explore your craft at a Sip and Paint Class at Art Play London. Forget drawing them like a French girl, how about painting them like a London lover instead! You'll have all the tools you need to woo your valentine with and maybe you'll discover some more inspiration together as you stroll around the city and see life and love in more colour!

Valentine’s Dance Classes

It takes two to tango and there's plenty more adventure to seek for a couple of lovebirds! You won't need flights for a romantic getaway this Valentines either because London is offering dance classes from other cultures just across the pond! We know you love each other for your two left feet, and for the impromptu routine you have for your favorite song, but we promise the classes won't step on your toes! With these 4 x 1hr Salsa Lessons for 2 or 4 you can enjoy some rhythmic fun taught by experienced professionals and maybe even pick up a few steps for your secret routine! What better way to celebrate your love than with amazing music and syncing up with your Valentine even more. There's a stunning variety of classes to experience like a Sensual Bachata Dance Class for 2 at The Latin Passion. Just a couple in love whizzing around the dancefloor and creating a memory to be cherished! Follow the rhythm of your heart with Londoners as your perfect backup dancers in the world of your own Valentine's Musical. Maybe you can put your own spin on the sequence you learn and recreate a sweet version of Jack and Rose's lift! You've got the whole of River Thames to have a romantic - and safe - Titanic moment!

Love's an Adventure

We spy with our London eye, opportunities for fun and the chance to be crazy in love! There are only so many series you can power through or pamper nights to have before you must finally dive into the world of excitement with your partner in crime. There's plenty of time to get serious, but right now you need to plan your valentines and we're thinking a 1 Hour Street Kart Driving Experience. Buckle up and get ready to race through London - at the speed limit of course - and visit all the iconic landmarks! You'll be right on time to see Big Ben, and if the adrenalines going, see if you can persuade the King to let you enjoy a Valentine's candle-lit dinner in Buckingham Palace (save us a seat). We know your sweetheart can occasionally drive you nuts, but that's what love is all about! With a couple of street cars, you'll be reminded why your heart steered you in the right direction! Just remember to put it in park before you get carried away and cruise off into the London sunset

Valentine's will always hold a special place for cute dinners and romantic gestures, but nobody said you must do all the mushy stuff in one day! At any moment, you can be a wild romantic and confess your undying love, but you don't have to do it with a dozen roses. You can do it with a rage room if you fancy and with a 1-Month London Buckt Go Activity Ticket Subscription, there's a good few alternatives to check out! Keep your valentine on their toes as you await the details of your surprise activity! You can opt for up to 5 activities per month and the professionals will direct you to the spontaneous mystery. If two crazy kids in love just roaming around the city arm and arm was on your Buckt list, consider it ticked off! Here's to keeping the love alive'and insane!