Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

There are only 8 days until Valentine's Day 2023, and we're sure some of you are still stuck for some gift ideas - especially when it comes to sticking to a low budget. Valentine's day can be a very expensive time of year, but we've got some ideas that will help you show how much you care without having to dig deep and splash out. It's all about the thought, effort and love that goes into a gift, don't you think? Well forget the money - we've got some low-budget gift ideas for you right here!

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Cheap and Affordable

Valentine's day can be super expensive for most of us, but now more than ever many of us need to start thinking creatively to give gifts that don't break the bank! Whether it's through getting crafty, focusing on a personalised message or simply finding the joy in a novelty gift, there are tonnes of ways to tell your partner how much you love them without spending a fortune. Check out some of our best tips and tricks below!

Funny Gifts

Sometimes the best way to embrace a low budget is to lean into the humour - funny gifts are generally pretty affordable and are a great way to show your partner you get them and want to make them happy. You could do something silly and personalised like these heart print photo socks, a fun printed hoodie or - if you're feeling really silly - a giant novelty penis pillow is bound to make them laugh! Spread the love with laughter and don't worry about emptying your wallet this Valentine's day.

Personalised Gifts

Sometimes the best way to say you love someone isn't to spend as much as you can - it's to put a little thought and personalisation into what you're buying. We can guarantee that most loved ones would really appreciate something personal to them, whether you've taken the time to pick out your favourite pictures of you guys together for a hanging photo panel, written a personal message on a doormat for your home, or got them their very own named coffee cup, we've got some great low-budget personalisable gifts to help you show how much you care.

DIY Gifts

If you're really strapped for cash, then there's nothing to worry about - sometimes the best thing to give is something hand-made. You could try taking a short course in card making or painting and get your craft on - nothing says 'I love you' like a bit of effort and elbow grease! Need a bit more guidance on the DIY side? Maybe you could try a kit like this soap crafting kit or this 'create your own flavoured gin' kit? Your partner will love receiving something you've put time and thought into - and it's far more cost-effective!

Gifts under 10 Pound

If you need a solid upper limit, we can help you out! Some of our favourite gifts are all under 10 pounds - like this simple and understated Heart Rhodium Pendant, or Valentine's day treat box to give a bundle of treats at a minimal cost! Want to do something really heartfelt? It only costs 8 pounds to name a star for your partner - does it get any more romantic than that? Get shopping with our best valentines gifts under 10 pounds here!