Sun Loungers & Reclining Garden Chairs

Enjoy your garden and soak up the summer weather with our sun loungers and reclining garden chairs. Each one is comfortable, adjustable and a great addition to your outdoor space.

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Sun Loungers & Reclining Garden Chairs

When summer rolls around we all dream of lazy afternoons outdoors with a book and a drink, topping up our tans and letting the world pass us by. For that, you'll need the right type of garden chair - luckily we've got a whole bunch of supportive sun loungers, delightful day beds and regal recliners to help you lie back and relax in the sun.

We've got a selection of different day beds in a range of sizes and colours to help you find the perfect addition to your garden. Each of our sun loungers allow you to adjust so you can find the perfect angle to keep yourself comfortable and make the most of the sun's rays - sitting up bolt upright doesn't exactly scream 'relaxation' after all. If there is more than one of you, our day beds and love seats provide a comfortable surface for two people - ideal for a couple enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Sun Lounger & Reclining Chair FAQs

Are Sun Loungers Waterproof?

We know all too well how temperamental the weather can be in good old Blighty, so one question that enters a lot of prospective garden sun lounger owners is whether they're brand new furniture will stand up against a little rainfall? Every type is different, but there are certainly a few sturdy waterproof materials. If you want a guaranteed weatherproof garden chair, we have plenty of sun loungers made from poly rattan - a synthetic fibre that can deal with the most torrential rain.

How To Clean Sun Loungers?

It's important to keep your sun lounger squeaky clean, so it can continue to make your garden sparkle. To cast away any remnants of dirt, consider using a pressure washer to bring that colour back to life. For more stubborn stains, it might come in handy to blot a little washing detergent with a damp cloth over your lounger. Be careful not to use any chlorine-based products though, or you could risk weakening the fabric. You have been warned!

What Is A Zero Gravity Sun Lounger?

Sun loungers may look good and provide a modern and stylish addition to your garden, but there's no point of owning a snazzy chair if you're not comfortable - cue the zero gravity sun loungers! These ergonomic fittings are shaped to raise your feet and legs, whilst gently supporting your back and removing any unpleasant joint pressure. This way, you'll be able to sit back, relax, and catch those much-needed rays all day long with no awkward aches or pains! With reclining sun loungers this supportive, you'll be on set to becoming a bronzed god or goddess in no time.