Garden Chairs

Some people like to travel and go on holidays, but sometimes the best way to enjoy the summer is with a cold drink in your garden, lounging around, inviting the friends and family and blasting some music! The key to a successful lazy summer starts with some good chairs. From rattan chairs and hanging egg chairs to sun loungers and garden sofas, find the perfect seating for you at Wowcher.

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Garden Chairs Ideas

We always find your garden to be the best spot to be outdoors yet still in the comfort of your own home when you don't really want to travel too far out! We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed while you do that and that's why we're here to share our best lounging ideas with you. We've got

  • garden chair sets
  • ,
  • foldable chairs
  • , and there's more where that came from - at even better prices! Check online now and find the deals you will chairish!

    Reclining Garden Chairs

    Seat dreams are made of deals like these! Experience comfort like never before, whether you're having drink, reading a book or getting some vitamin D, our reclining garden chairs like the

  • adjustable sun lounger
  • come with a padded headrest feature that allows for maximum comfort while you relax and enjoy the sunshine, or the
  • zero gravity reclining chair
  • that come a built-in cup holder. You can't go wrong with a fully adjustable chair that can be adapted to your lounging requirements.

    Egg Chairs

    You'll be shell-shocked when you find out about egg chairs – the next level of comfort! These chairs are a great option for indoor or outdoor seating, so you can laze about wherever you like. There's the option of a

  • hanging egg chair
  • so you can be swayed into serenity with a good book, or a
  • standing egg chair
  • for eggstream style and relaxation in one! Elevate your space with our eggs chairs and enjoy the sunny-side-up view this summer

    Garden Swing Chair

    Swings for adults- that's how we see these chairs! Imagine sitting back, enjoying the sun while being gently rocked- well we'd say chairs to that. Ideal for the lazy summer days where all you wanna do is lounge around and spend some time outdoors, whether you want to invite some friends over or do a solo, quiet day, our

  • convertible swing chair
  • is perfect in any scenario. This chair can accommodate up to three people and can also be transformed into a bed for one person, while the canopy top protects you from UV rays and the rain. If you're looking for something that's a little more toned down then we've got plenty on site, and we're certain you'll find just what you're looking for!

    Garden Table And Chairs

    Sets always make life so much easier; you don't have to worry about matching the styles and colours! We've got a wide range of options like a

  • three-piece set
  • , a
  • six-piece set
  • with an umbrella or if you've got a large party, the
  • eight-seater set with lift table
  • if perfect for the whole family to join in on! When it comes to garden furniture, we know sow much about what we are doing!