Sloped Garden Ideas

When you go low, we go high - or vice versa depending on which garden angle you want to decorate first! With an unconventional landscape, it’s only right that it receives the best makeover, so check out our options and branch out!

Picture yourself gazing out over your sloping garden, pondering over the countless Pinterest suggestions, when suddenly, it dawns on you: raised flower beds!

They’re the landscaper's secret weapon against the unique trait turning any garden into a nuisance. With the little sun that we get, it’d be a crime not to find the perfect hacks for a fabulous, sloped garden! | Somewhere along the way, flat gardens became a thing of the past – even if it is just on your street. With the cutest flower beds, you get to prove that there are new ways to grow your garden to new heights and watch it blossom at each tier!

So, whether you're planting petunias or perennials, there’s plenty of ways to go against the odds – or the gradient

We’ll bring you flowersss!

Your gardening worries aren’t the only things that can be left in the air

Maybe you’re treasuring the green ground beneath your feet, and you want something more practical to fill the space. This is where we subtly suggest a row of hanging flowerpots!

You are your flowers will be a high-flying phenomenon once people get a peek at what you’ve done with space. A standing ovation might even be on the cards!

If your garden isn’t the norm, there’s nothing stopping you from being the best free-spirited gardener and taking alternative roots!

We’ve planted a few seeds below!

The grass is greener where you water it!

No more teary eyes about the sloped garden, add a cute water feature instead. We’re not being salty! – but without any decorative touches, your garden might look a tad dry

It won’t quite match up to that waterfall you picture yourself hiking, but it’ll help your imagination run just like the water, right? There are no promises that the neighbourhood pets won’t sip from it, but at least they’ll appreciate it!

Just make sure to place it in the perfect spot so gravity can’t be a hater – we don’t want you stepping out into a patio puddle when the sun pops out again!

Sloped gardens are all about going with the flow

Fancy a seat without sliding down onto the patio?

Whether you enjoy sitting at the top of the garden castle, or you prefer to keep it low-key, we’re sure there’s a spot for you to perch on!

With the cosiest armchair, you can get a nice view of the land and finally figure out which family member has been trampling all over your precious flowerbeds - VIP spot to turn everyone else green anyone?

You can keep the budget low with us too and still manage to keep your expectations high! The slope gardeners deserve to enjoy their landscape too!

If it’s a cosy bench tucked into a shady corner or an egg chair swinging with the branches up top, we’re here to rise to the occasion!

We don’t want you to forget about the bottom corners just because it’s in the shadows!

There’s a certain magic to a moonlit garden with mysterious garden nooks hiding away, but there’s no reason to relive that tumble down the last few steps because you couldn’t see…

For true nature-enthusiasts like yourself, it’s no surprise that the garden is the light of your life, so it’s only right that you truly get to see it in all its glory!

A few fairy lights and bright solar-powered miracles can bring the space into balance and restore it’s potential – there’s plenty to work with!

With our suggestions, the pathway to your vision is clear – and flat!