Garden Water Features

Give your garden a new look this year with our stunning range of garden water features! From fountains and bird baths to stone water features, we've got everything you need to kit your garden out right here at Wowcher!


What Is A Garden Water Feature?

Garden water features are normally structures or ornaments you have in your garden that have water flowing through them or in them. Bird baths and fountains are examples of garden water features. If you're wondering how they work, then let us tell you! Most water features will work in the same sort of way, there is a reservoir of water and a pump works to move the water up a pipe, and then gravity brings the water back down to where it started. It can be surrounded by different materials, but the process will still remain the same.

How Do I Choose A Garden Water Feature?

The main thing you need to think about when choosing a garden water feature for your garden is the size of your garden and the size of the space where you want to put the feature. Obviously, if you've got a larger garden then a large garden water feature would be fine, and if you've got a smaller garden then you would need a small garden water feature. Also, if you do have a small garden, one idea could be to put a fountain on your patio or a bird bath on the grass. If you've got a larger garden, you can opt for features like ponds. Just to let you know we've got some gorgeous Floating Lily Pond Features that would look great drifting along your pond!

Where Should A Garden Water Feature Be Placed?

There is no right or wrong answer as to where you should place your garden water feature, but there are some suggestions about where is best to place it. It will be easier for your water feature to blend into your garden if placed around plants and other green areas! Of course, if you would prefer to put it in a space on its own, you absolutely can! Obviously, with a pond, it will be placed wherever you have the space, but generally putting plants and other shrubbery around your pond is a good idea and will help to attract more wildlife to your garden, which in turn will make your garden thrive!