Plant Pots

You've got all your lovely plants sorted, now you need some lovely plant pots to put them in, and luckily for you we've got a whole range below!

What Kind Of Pots Are Good For Plants?

One of the best pots to use for your plants are ceramic ones. They are particularly good as they absorb moisture from the soil, which will help you to not overwater your plants. Plastic is also a good option as they are lightweight and strong. You can also get many different colour varieties of plastic plant pots. Of course, different plant pots will suit different types of plants and flowers, so check out our guide below to see what would work best for you and your garden.

Large Plant Pots

If you've got some bigger plants or trees, or some plants that have outgrown their current pot, then a large plant pot could be the solution for you! Larger pots do have a higher water retention and will require more nutrients for plants to grow, so do make sure that you don't put a smaller plant in there as the pot will be too big for it, and it won't grow properly! We have some large plant pots which are corrosion resistant, meaning your plant pot will be well protected. It features holes in the bottom of the pot to help any excess moisture escape, so your plant will be safe in here!

Plastic Plant Pots

As we mentioned above, plastic plant pots can be a good option for your plants, due to a number of reasons, which we'll tell you all about! One of the main benefits of using plastic plant pots is the fact that they're lightweight, and you can control the amount of soil and water you use for your plants, whereas if you plant your plants straight into the ground, you have less control. You can often get a drainage collection pot with plastic plant pots that will catch the excess water and moisture that the plant doesn't need, and helps you to not overwater. Plastic plant pots are also easy to maintain, and they're simple to clean. They don't stain, so you'll be able to just wipe them with a cloth or spray them with your hose to clean the dirt and marks off!

Ceramic Plant Pot

Spruce up your plants in some gorgeous ceramic plant pots! Ceramic pots do have some advantages for being used for plants, and we'll explain a couple of them for you now. Ceramic plant pots are thicker than plastic, and are a good option for indoor plants as well as outdoor plants as the material deals well with the temperature changes. Usually, ceramic plant pots also have drainage holes, which help the plant to thrive! Check out our lily plant with ceramic pot which would look perfect on the windowsill!

Hanging Plant Pots

Hanging plant pots are a beautiful decoration for the front of the house or in the garden! These type of plant pots do have some advantages for them, so allow us to talk you through them. They require more watering as they're hanging, they lose a lot of the water, but this does mean you don't need to weed them as nothing is able to reach them! This is a good option if you're a bit of a beginner at gardening and are working out what to plant and where, experiment first with hanging plant pots and see how you get on!

Self Watering Plant Pots

This is the perfect solution if you sometimes forget to water your plants or if you don't want to water them everyday. Our self watering plant pots work by storing water for up to 20 days and gradually puts the soil in contact with the water, pretty impressive stuff, right? This is also perfect if you're jetting off somewhere and need someone to water the plants!

What Do You Put Under Plant Pots?

It's best to put a drainage saucer or something else underneath your plant pots to allow the water to drain away from the inside of the pot. If you don't put something under your plant pots, the water can't drain away and will sit at the bottom of the pot, which could lead to your plant being overwatered and then it won't grow properly!