Solar Garden Lights

Brighten up your garden and give it that little bit extra with our range of solar garden lights. When the summer light creeps away and the parties come to an end, it doesn't really have to end. Put up some lights, not just add a touch of pretty colours and make your garden standout but also to keep the good times going. Whether you're looking for something colourful or classic, there's never a dull deal with us, you'll find it all at Wowcher.

Animal Solar Garden Lights

If you love all things animals, then we've got just the thing for you! Our selection of animal garden lights also serve as decorative pieces for your garden to give it a whimsical, woodland charm; like this adorable

  • squirrel solar light
  • or this
  • solar light
  • that has multiple animal options that would be a purrfect addition to add next to pots and along the path. Or if you're looking for something a little more colourful then, beelieve it or not, we've got these
  • bug shaped lights
  • or some colourful
  • butterfly lights
  • that gets ourseal of approval for being otterly bright!

    Solar Garden Fence Lights

    Whether it's for security reasons or just to light up your garden, we've got everything you need to keep your garden in good shape! This could be your chance to create a lovely atmosphere in your garden by placing some wall lights around your garden for the right summer ambiance, warm lights like this

  • solar wall light
  • or this
  • wall lantern
  • can add a glow that really makes the summer evenings extra cosy! But we've also got some security lights that can be placed outdoors that are energy saving motion sensors and waterproof! Like this
  • wall light
  • , it's everything you're gonna need to last you a long time. Or frame your fencing with
  • string lights
  • that has 100 bulb lights to illuminate every inch of your garden! Wiren't you adding them to your basket already?

    Unusual Solar Garden Lights

    Sometimes the standard lights just don't cut it and if you prefer something a little quirky then you've come to the right place! From

  • bathing gnomes
  • to
  • quirky hanging animals
  • with glowing eyes! We've even got this
  • smiley-totem ornament
  • that's gonna put a smile on anyone's face! These lights are perfectly bizarre, and if anyone says otherwise, they should mind their gnome-business!