Choosing The Perfect Garden Shed

It's time to let the garden shed be more than a cave of mysterious spider webs…

Let's go back to the good old days where we would throw the watering cans and paint samples in the shed. That haunting wasp nest has been gone for a while, it's safe now!

Plus, you don't necessarily have to be an expert gardener to warrant a shed. Just think about giving your bicycles and bits a home and save yourself from defending the neighbours against potential thief accusations - they don't deserve it.

We're just shedding light on some great options...

It's true that the sheds that rock are made from heavy metal!

It's designed to be the true protector of your garden shears and more! Without the proper security, that chirpy bird could start building in your garden with your tools and now you're fighting a blue tit for your land...

We doubt it'll come to that (fingers crossed), if you opt for a sturdy metal shed so you can keep the paws out of your prized possessions!

Just think, if you can protect that snack stash with your life, we're sure you can apply that same care to the other tools in your nest!

Pent sheds are great for their easy access, modern style and spacious nature!

When the outdoors is your place of peace, maybe choosing a shed that blends right into your garden is the choice for you.

They're a subtle solution for you to store all your niche garden accessories and spend all your time outside without ever feeling like you really left the indoors!

You'll find a home for your garden tools – and for you!

Working from home is a blast, need we say more?

But sometimes a little change of scenery wouldn't hurt. You don't even have to go far when you can turn your garden into your very own office!

With ample room to set up your laptop, favourite chair and maybe even a cheeky lunch corner, you've got everything you need to spruce up the work from life!

You won't need those zoom backgrounds anymore, you've got flowers and veggies that you've planted yourself!

At what point do we decide that our bikes and lawnmowers need a place of their own?

After a harmonious existence with random frisbees and paint samples, sometimes it can get tiring to forge clear pathways before reversing out your motor.

With sheds built just to accommodate your wheels and whatnot, there's no more reason to "accidentally" roll over that dusty game when trying to reach for the mower.

Look at the options for yourself!