Choosing The Perfect Garden Shed

We understand that sheds are an integral part of any garden, which is why we're here to give you some top tips on choosing the perfect garden shed!

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How Do I Choose The Right Shed?

If you find yourself asking this question, then don't worry as we're here to guide you through it and offer our top tips on choosing the top shed for you! No matter how much space you've got or if there is a specific colour you're looking for, you're bound to find the one for you here at a great price.

What Type Of Shed Would Be Best For Me?

The best type of shed for you and your garden comes down to personal preference. Think about what you want to store in there and where you'll be placing it in your garden. Traditionally, wood is the most popular type of material that people choose for their sheds. It has a good level of durability, looks smart and can easily be painted however you choose. There is also the option of a plastic shed, which holds up extremely well against the unpredictable British weather! Or you have the choice of a metal shed. These are solid and durable, but if you're wanting to sit and relax in the shed, rain and hail will be very loud on the roof here!

Choosing The Right Size

As long as you have measured the space where you want your shed to go and are sure it will fit, then it's always better to get a slightly bigger shed than what you think you might need. You might want to grow plants here, store all of your essential garden tools and even your garden furniture! We also offer a more compact wooden shed with added shelves, perfect for storing all your tools in one space!

Wooden Sheds

Perhaps the classic choice for your garden shed is a wooden one! It's the traditional material for sheds and is still a very popular option today with many different sizes and styles available. As the material used is natural, this type of garden shed will easily blend into its surroundings and fit right in with any other features you have in your garden. They are also a popular choice due to their good levels of durability! Plus, as we mentioned above, you can easily paint a wooden shed whatever colour you choose. So, if you want a fully customisable shed that has a natural look, then a wooden shed is for you!

Metal Sheds

Don't disregard metal sheds though, as they offer a simple storage solution for all of your garden essentials. If a fully customisable shed isn't something you need, and you just want the space to store your outdoor tools, then a metal shed could be the one for you! Metal sheds are known for being extremely durable and solid, so you can rest assured that this type of shed will stand the test of time. An advantage of a metal shed over a wooden shed, is if you have a smaller metal shed, you'll be able to move it around the garden if necessary. A wooden shed would be a lot heavier, therefore more difficult to move!

Plastic Sheds

You've also got the option of plastic sheds. If you're looking for the lightest options when it comes to selecting your garden shed, then a plastic shed is the one for you! With the plastic material, comes a high level of durability, meaning your shed will be around for a long time as it is immune to rust, mould and corrosion. The plastic is also usually treated to stop it from fading in the sunlight. Thanks to their lightweight structure, if you're moving or just rearranging your garden, moving your shed will be no problem! You will also have more design options with a plastic shed than you would with a wooden or metal shed. For example, you can easily add in features such as a skylight or windows!

Shed Lighting

While windowless sheds are typically the cheaper option, if you're planning on working in the garden after dark, you will need to think about installing a light source in your shed. Even if your summer garden party has just finished and you just need to put some furniture away, you'll need to see where you're putting it! We have lots of different options to help you light your shed up! You can see our full range of Lights here! Or you can get a shed with a single-window and that will give you enough light so you can see what you're doing.