Best Games to Play at Christmas 2023

Playing games at Christmas is a great activity that the whole family can join in with! Christmas this year is about being together and we've got plenty of games you and your loved ones can enjoy together!

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When should we play games on Christmas Day?

Games can be played all year round, but they're great fun at Christmas when you've got all the family round! It's entirely up to you whether you choose to play in the morning or after the famous Christmas dinner, but we'd advise having a game after unwrapping your presents as you never know what might be waiting underneath the tree for you!

What games can we play as a family at Christmas?

Playing games as a family is what Christmas is all about, being together, and we've got plenty of games the whole family will enjoy! Whether you fancy a game of pulling french fries or carrots, just be careful you don't pull the wrong one or they'll all fly, or you want to practice your skills with our Christmas reindeer inflatable ring toss guaranteed to cause lots of laughter as you try and toss the rings onto the antlers!

Classic Games Played at Christmas

There are lots of games that you can play at Christmas where you don't need anything! You can't go wrong with a game of 20 questions, which you can easily turn Christmas themed! Charades is always a classic, you and your family can take it in turns to act out Christmas song lyrics and film titles and see who gets the most right!

Board Games to Play at Christmas

It's unsurprising that Monopoly was voted the most popular board game to play at Christmas as it's the perfect game to entertain families during the festive period! We're stepping it up a level with our Mega Monopoly board game, which features an extra 12 spaces with 8 new streets, and players can even add skyscrapers to their properties in this amazing edition! This is also suitable for the whole family to play, providing hours of entertainment! If Monopoly really is your thing, then you'll love our other Monopoly editions featuring Friends and Only Fools and Horses! For you Harry Potter lovers we've got Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. This is the perfect time to test your knowledge!

Kid's Games to Play at Christmas

We have lots of games for children to play while you're getting the Christmas Dinner ready! Our bouncing ball game offers plenty of entertainment. They'll need to connect 4 balls in a row to win! Or try a game of unicorn operation where they'll need a steady hand.

Drinking Games to Play at Christmas

Let the fun be-gin this Christmas with drinking games! Of course there's the classic beer pong, but we raise you one better with our gin fling drinking game, which works in a similar way to beer pong and includes 12 gin glasses. Who could forget 'Never Have I Ever' where players suggest different scenarios and if you've done it, you drink!