Christmas Quizzes and Prizes

Christmas time is fast approaching, meaning family reunions and office Christmas parties are too! If you're looking for some Christmas quiz inspiration, here you'll find what you need - including prizes and other Christmas games ideas.

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Christmas Party Games Ideas

Sure, the quiz and the prizes are what everyone is there for and to be together of course! Little games can be a great way to warm up, and put people in a playful mood and kickstart your Christmas party. Two Truths and a Lie is a great icebreaker, with each player in turn coming up with three statements, two of which are true and one is false, and the other guests having to correctly guess the lie! Chances are most people will have Christmas songs stuck in their heads so Name that Carol is sure to be a success too, whether you decide to play the carols or sing them out loud for others to guess. Is there a better classic than 'Who am I?' but with festive characters to get ready for the main Christmas quiz?

What are good Christmas Quiz rounds?

So the Christmas party is coming, and you're in charge of preparing the Christmas quiz - panicking yet? We know it's not easy, the number of questions you may ask are near infinite and now you can't think of a single one. Don't worry, because we have rounded up a selection of categories for you to get some inspiration and create a Christmas quiz that'll be remembered!

  1. 12 days of Christmas
  2. Challenge them with questions on the popular Christmas carol and its gifts, and on the actual days of the tradition.
  3. Christmas Movies
  4. Find the most obscure facts of the most popular Christmas movies.
  5. Christmas Movie Characters
  6. Similar to Christmas movies, but character specific. Can you remember their names?
  7. Christmas Traditions
  8. We all know traditions, but which country started them or has a specific one?
  9. Finish the Christmas Lyric
  10. Who knows their Christmas songs?
  11. Christmas Dinner Foods
  12. Are you sure everyone knows how popular Christmas dinner foods are made?
  13. Christmas Emojis
  14. This is a new one. Use emojis to represent the names of classic Christmas phrases, films or songs and see if they can figure them out.
  15. Santa's Reindeers
  16. We all love them, but, do we know what their names are?
  17. Christmas Adverts
  18. Mix popular adverts with less known ones. Someone will always claim to remember them all!
  19. Christmas Decorations
  20. From which are the most used to when they should be taken down, there's plenty here to challenge your guests.

What are good quiz prizes?

Prizes don't have to be huge or too sophisticated, but know they'll be great incentives to join your Christmas quiz. Just having them will make everything more exciting as it's always good fun to get in a friendly harmless competition. You can go for practical prizes like mugs and socks, maybe personalised to make them quirky, or a tasty treat like a delicious box of chocolates. Beauty products like bath bombs or face masks sets always work well too. Or why not give the winner the chance to get exactly what they want with a nice gift card? Of course, we have everything - and more - here at Wowcher.