BBQ Covers

Our selection of barbecue covers are ideal for protecting your grill from water, dirt and falling leaves. Shop of range of weatherproof and waterproof covers in different shapes and sizes!

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Should You Cover Your Barbecue?

We do recommend that you cover your barbecue when it's not in use to make life a little bit easier for yourself! You won't need to keep it covered all of the time, and we would suggest that you regularly clean your barbecue grill down after you've used it to help keep it in a good condition! If there any particularly bad weather days, it might be a good idea to keep it covered. The more care you put into looking after your barbecue, the longer it will last you!

What Size Barbecue Cover Do I Need?

To determine what size barbecue cover you need, it's normally recommended that the cover is slightly shorter than your barbecue grill. It would be a good idea to measure the height of your barbecue so you can choose which size cover would secure it nicely. Make sure that you have cleaned your barbecue and that it has cooled down completely before you put your cover on it. The cover will help to stop mould or dirt building up, ensuring that your barbecue lasts you a longer time!

Benefits of Barbecue Covers

Barbecue covers have some great features, so we thought we'd talk you through a couple of them! The main point of the barbecue cover is essentially to keep your barbecue clean and stop any dust or bugs from getting onto it. This is important as if bugs get onto it, they can get stuck in the grill and cause your barbecue to not work properly. Many barbecue covers are also waterproof, which is perfect for keeping your barbecue protected in the colder rainier months, or if we get some Summer rain!