Fire Pit BBQs

If you're looking for the best of both worlds, then you need a fire pit BBQ! You'll get the warmth of the fire pit and the tasty foods from the barbecue, see below for all our deals on fire pits BBQs.

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How Does A Fire Pit BBQ Work?

You can use coals similar to how you would with a charcoal BBQ and then you're ready to go! Anything you normally would cook on a grill can be cooked directly here on the fire pit BBQ. It means that you often have a BBQ that is 3-in-1, as you can use it solely for the purpose of the fire pit keeping you warm, or you can use it as your BBQ to cook all your tasty food or use it as an ice bucket to keep the drinks flowing!

Benefits Of Fire Pit BBQs

There are many benefits to using a fire pit BBQ, and as we said above the main one is that it is multi-functional and serves as an ice bucket, a BBQ and a fire pit! We can also tell you that you are able to cook pizzas on your BBQ too, so take a slice of that! Of course, you've got the option of pizza ovens too where you can place it directly onto most BBQs to cook your tasty dish!