Gas BBQs

You're cooking with gas now, literally! Entertain your friends and family with a tasty barbecue from our amazing range of gas bbqs! See all of our gas bbq deals below.

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What Is A Gas BBQ?

Gas BBQs are a common type of barbecue, which use liquified petroleum gas as their source of fuel to cook the food. The flame from the gas is either used to directly cook the food or heat the grill to get the right amount of heat on which you will cook the food. This type of barbecue will also need the gas replacing every 5-15 years depending on how well you care for and maintain your barbecue, and how much you use it of course! We'll explain their benefits below and how they differ from other types of barbecues.

What Is The Point Of A Gas BBQ?

Gas BBQs have some advantages that other types of BBQs don't have, so we'll explain a few for you now! You can directly control the temperature with accuracy, allowing you to have more control over how you cook your food. The heat is direct and usually comes from just 1 or 2 burners, so you can cook with ease! Some additional benefits include the fact that it's often cheaper to run than charcoal, and can also be easier to clean than charcoal BBQs. So, if tidying up isn't your thing, then a gas BBQ might be the one for you! Some of our gas BBQ deals also come with some essential BBQ tools, which is perfect for getting you started!

Can I Cook A Pizza On A Gas BBQ?

You absolutely can cook a pizza on a gas BBQ as well as many other meals! In fact, you could even boil water for a cup of tea or coffee on your gas BBQ! However, if pizza is your thing then we have pizza ovens that you can put directly onto your gas BBQ and you'll have tasty pizza in as quick as 60 seconds! Of course, it's up to you what way you prefer to cook your pizza, but take a look at our deals on Pizza Ovens here!

What Is The Difference Between A Gas BBQ & A Charcoal BBQ?

The main difference between these types of BBQs is the portability. Charcoal BBQs are a lot easier to transport around to the beach or the park, whereas the gas BBQ doesn't have great portability. Charcoal BBQs also tend to get a lot hotter than gas BBQs, and unlike gas BBQs you can't adjust or control the heat. You can leave areas without briquettes to try and control the temperature and leave meat to simmer on these slightly cooler areas. On the gas BBQ you can just adjust the heat by turning it up or down to finish cooking your food. It's personal preference over which you prefer and what you're going to be using your BBQ for.

What Can You Cook On A Gas BBQ?

What you should be asking is what can't I cook on a gas BBQ? You can pretty much cook just about anything on your gas BBQ, as you can adjust the heat accordingly it means that you're free to cook from different food groups! Your grill can reach very high temperatures, but you can control it and cook foods at lower temperatures if required. For example you should cook your meat quickly on the highest temperature, but for grilling chicken, vegetables, fish and cheese, drop the temperature down a bit to ensure they're cooked through!