Power Banks

A power bank is an essential you need! Whether you're travelling or just going on a day out, power banks can be a handy accessory to have on the go with you. So, here are some power banks that we think are worth the money!

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Dual USB Power Bank

A dual USB power bank is a necessity, especially if you need to charge multiple phones or smart watch devices. This dual USB power bank is perfect for taking on the go with you as it features dual USB charging ports, and is waterproof and dust proof. You can also charge your phone via the built-in solar panels or with the included USB charging cable, so you have plenty of options to choose from. This power bank is also compatible with all USB charging devices and is conveniently pocket sized, so it can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and you can charge up your phone wherever you go!

Best Power Bank

Summer has finally arrived and portable fans are a must in the heat. However, why not get the best of both worlds and buy this portable fan and power bank in one? We guarantee this device will leave you feeling cool whilst ensuring your phone gets fully charged. This portable fan and power bank features a large battery capacity and once charged for four hours can work for four to twelve hours!

Solar Power Bank

Power banks are a necessity for when you're travelling or on the go. So why not treat yourself to this 10,000 dual solar power bank with an LED light feature. This power bank is brilliant for multiple devices and can be easily charged via the built-in solar panels. It also features a bright LED light so you will never lose it when on your travels.

Portable Power Bank

Mini portable banks are great for taking on a night out with you as they are very compact in size and will fit great into any mini handbag. In particular this mini power bank is perfect for taking on the go with you, as it is mini in size and comes with a micro USB cable and one hanging rope so you can easily attach it onto your handbag or keys.

Benefits Of Power Banks

Power banks come with a variety of benefits and zero cons. The biggest benefit of portable power banks is their ability to provide stable power in times of need. And seen as everyone is always online these days by using their phones, laptops, and more, these handy little devices can be the perfect companion for keeping up with a busy online lifestyle. Another benefit is that they are portable and can be easily taken on the go with you, so you can feel reassured that your phone is fully charged wherever you go. And lastly, another benefit to power banks is that they are compatible with most brands, so as long as the power cord is compatible with the power bank you have then you are good to go!