Christmas Baubles

Adorn your tree in classic gold or red, pick from a host of large or small baubles and even personalise them with our selection of Christmas tree decorations.

For more inspiration take a look at our Christmas Decorating Guide for more festive ideas! Or get ready for Christmas by checking out the Wowcher Christmas Shop for our Christmas gifts, trees and food!

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Multi-Coloured Baubles

Gold, red, blue, or even pink baubles - every tree needs a bit of colour. The days are gone for sticking to traditional colours so adorn your tree with little round balls from across the colour spectrum.

Personalised Baubles

It's important to make your mark on a tree and there's no better way to do that than with baubles you can customise. You can choose to either add your name or even upload a photo on some for that personal touch and choose from a host of interesting fonts to make your decorations extra special.

Crystal Baubles

If you want to add an extra touch of class, why not buy some baubles made with crystals from Swarovski? Not only do they look great, they even include gorgeous pieces of crystal jewellery within for you to crack out at the Christmas party.

How To Hang Your Baubles

The best way to decorate your tree is with clusters of baubles of different sizes. You'll want to add your larger baubles at the centre of the tree to give them a little extra depth and place your smaller ones closer to the edge of the blanket where they won't droop. Remember the place glass or other delicate baubles further up to the tree to prevent them getting knocked easily (plus they'll easier to show off!)