Summer Travel Ideas

Looking to get away from it all? You can either travel to an exotic new place or have your very own staycation in your own back yard! The options are endless...

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Learn A New Language

One of the best things about travelling is soaking up the culture of wherever you are - seeing art in France, dancing in Spain and eating your weight in pasta in Italy! The best way to view these great places however, is by learning the language. Not only is a language an amazing skill to have for the rest of your life, but it can enhance your holiday drastically, the locals will most likely be grateful for the effort and tend to show their gratification in many different ways! Even picking up a few key words from wherever you go can help as you travel and need to ask around for tips, and it can result in finding out stunning secrets about the country that you would have never realised before.

Explore Islands

We know it can be tempting to stay in the safety of your hotel, especially if you're all inclusive, but sometimes the most memorable adventures happen when we step outside the confines of these areas. Exploring the islands around wherever you're visiting is a wonderful way to further explore the country as a whole. You will also probably be able to travel in more peace than in the popular, tourist-saturated places!

Visit A Different Country

Don't feel like you have to follow the crowd, visit somewhere outside the box! Instead of the heavily populated streets of Spain, dive into the turquoise waters of Mauritius or stroll along the white sand beaches of Latvia! Immerse yourself in cultures that you've never experienced before, get lost in the streets of a new country, and enjoy travelling on the road less travelled. You'll return with incredible stories and photos that your friends and co-workers will be jealous of!

Have An Amazing Staycation

Not feeling the crowded queues at the airport this summer? You definitely don't have to go abroad to have a great holiday! Staying at home - whether it be in your own garden or to another fabulous destination in the UK, doesn't have to be boring. There are some incredible places so close by that often times it's more cost-effective and easier to travel to Scotland, Wales or down south than it is to go abroad. You still get time to relax and unwind after a long year, but often for half the price and much less travel time!

Quieter Places To Travel To

If you're someone who loves the peace and quiet in your day to day life, then you're probably looking for a holiday destination to match. Some quiet countries are also the most interesting and visually stunning, such as Iceland. With hot springs and peaceful waterfalls, Iceland is an incredible place to look up at the sky and witness the breath taking Aurora Borealis. New Zealand, ranked as the world's fourth-most peaceful country, New Zealand offers shimmering blue and green scenery that will fill up your camera roll in a flash. For the adventurous introverts, activities such as bungee jumping and white-water rafting are available and encouraged in such a stunning setting. Japan, visit the famous Mount Fuji, be surrounded by fascinating culture, eat great food, and enjoy the peace and simplicity that Japan has to offer from its bamboo forests to its vast lakes. Other great places to visit for those wanting a quiet week away include Belgium, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and Ireland.