Women's, Men's & Children's Sandals, Clogs & Flip Flops - Summer Sandals Sale 2023

Step into summer with Wowcher's wide and colourful range of summer shoes - sandals, flip flops, wedges, clogs and more. Guaranteed to brighten up every outfit and keep your feet cool throughout the day!

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Women’s Summer Sandals and Clogs for 2023 

As we move into the warmer months, it's important for us all to wear sensible footwear that won't make us feel too hot and uncomfortable throughout the day. Summer shoes, flip flops and sandals keep our feet cool, and come in a range of styles to suit everyone.

  • Women’s Sandals or Clogs

Women's sandals offer a breezy and stylish option for warm weather, providing comfort and freedom for your feet while showcasing a wide range of designs and colours. From strappy flats to elegant wedges, they effortlessly elevate any summer ensemble.

On the other hand, women's clogs exude a unique charm with their sturdy build and distinctive shape. They offer excellent support and versatility, making them suitable for various occasions and outfit styles.

Both styles have their own merits, so go for whichever pair resonates with your style and ensures your comfort. Embrace the freedom to express your unique fashion sense and rock the footwear that speaks to you. Make sure to check out our best deals on shoes models for summer 2023 : 

To add a bit of jazz to an everyday outfit, wedge sandals are a popular choice amongst us girls. Choose between a high or low wedge and a range of different styles and colours, and you're good to go!

For an edgy look that's guaranteed to turn a few heads, flatform sandals will keep you feeling nice and cool, whilst adding a bit of added height. Whether you're a fan of ankle straps or mules, these shoes come in a range of styles to suit every outfit.

If you've got a summer event coming up and you want to look the part, look no further than a pair of block heel sandals. These shoes are super attractive and come in a wide variety for all. Whether you're browsing for low, mid or high heels, you'll be able to find block heel sandals to suit your taste.

  • Wide Fit Shoes

For a little added comfort, wide fit sandals are the perfect option. Designed specifically with more available room for the foot and deeper sections for the toes, these shoes cater for everyone, particularly those with wider feet, and guarantee more ease of wearing - so you'll last hours!

Can You Wear Black Clogs and Sandals During Summer?

While black clogs and black sandals can be stylish, it's not ideal to wear them during the summer. Black shoes tend to absorb more heat, making you feel hotter than necessary. However, if you're determined to flaunt your dark footwear in the summer, opt for lighter materials and silicate finishes. Consider lighter shades, as white or gold sandals with metallic accents to add a touch of style without sacrificing comfort. Remember, keeping your feet cool and comfortable should be a priority during those scorching summer days.

Women’s, Men’s and Kids Clog Deals

Women's Clogs are a practical and cosy footwear choice for a variety of outdoor activities in the UK. They offer dependable support and protection whether you're working in your garden or taking a leisurely stroll. When thinking about style, comfort and affordability make sure to check our clog deals!

Men's Clogs are a versatile footwear choice that combines style and functionality. With their sturdy construction and slip-on design, our sandals and clogs for men offer convenience and easy wearability for various occasions. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or running errands, they provide reliable comfort and a touch of casual sophistication.

Kids Clogs are a practical and fun footwear option for little ones. Designed with comfort and durability in mind, kids clogs provide support for growing feet while allowing for easy on-and-off. With a range of playful colours and designs, kids' clogs add a touch of whimsy to any outfit, making them a favourite choice for active and adventurous children.