Men's Shoes

Shoes for men. Manly men. Big men. Small men. Sophisticated men. We've got men's shoes for all types, shapes and sizes. Whether it's casual shoes for men, smart shoes for men, loafers for men, trainers for men, cheap shoes for men - we've got your back! Or, er, feet!

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Types of Men's Shoes


Keeping cool in the summer has never been easier, with the wide range of men's sandals available to order and be delivered straight to your door. Most sandals are made with a durable synthetic upper and outsole which can stand up against nature's harshest conditions, featuring an easy-use Velcro fasten to quickly put on, and a variety of colours to choose from.


If you've got a dressy occasion coming up, you can't go wrong with a sturdy pair of lace-up leather brogues. These low-heeled shoes work well with suits, or making a smart shirt and shorts look a little more expensive. You can fit your brogues to your style, by choosing how much decorative perforations and what colour you'd like.


Another snazzy option in the men's footwear section are loafers. These smart shoes do not require any fastening, instead you simply slip your foot in (hence the nickname being "slip-ons"). These ultra-comfortable shoes can be made out of either leather or suede material, and a have either a low-heel, or no heel at all.


There truly is no place like home. Straight after a long day at work, the best feeling is returning back to your humble abode and switching into your comfies - and slippers play a big part in this. Made entirely from soft cotton and usually featuring a woolly lining on the inside, these shoes can quite often feel like a hug on our feet!

How Should Men's Shoes Fit?

The general rule for how shoes should fit applies to both men and women. The trick to checking is by placing a finger in between the heel of your foot and the heel of your shoe. If your finger slides down fairly easily with room to move, you should consider going down a size (or half). However, if you feel your finger is squeezing and doesn't fit too well, then consider going up a size (or half).

Are Men's Shoes a Different Size to Women's?

The answer to this question can vary. Sometimes, men's shoes and women's shoes are the same size, but in other cases, there's a 1.5 size difference in length between them (men's shoes being the lower number). If you're ever unsure and can't physically try on the shoes, most online sites have a size guide where you can check with pair is the right fit.