Beach Mats and Towels

Get ready to hit the beach this summer with Wowcher's exciting variety of beach mats, towels and accessories for sale, ready to be picked out and delivered straight to your door.

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Anti-sand Beach Mat

There's nothing worse than finally getting the chance to lay out on the beach, only to find you're covered in sand. Anti-sand beach mats are a relatively new invention, generally made from 100% polyester and using a special technology to prevent trapping any sand. All you need to do is give your beach mat a good shake, and you're good to go.

Padded Beach Mat

For those of you who enjoy a little extra comfort when catching the rays, padded beach mats are the answer. Equipped with thick padded cushioning for your support, you'll never have to worry about emerging from your sunbathing session with a back ache every again!

Roll Up Beach Mat

If you're constantly on the go, beach mats have been created for light and easy transportation. Made from straw that folds up neatly and easily, these mats work well not only at the beach, but camping, parks, picnics and much more. These are the ideal option for portable seating wherever and whenever.

How Big is a Beach Towel?

On average, beach towels are usually around 60 x 30 inches. This should be a good enough size for you to lay on, however those of you who require a little more space may be interested in extra-large beach towels. These usually stretch 70 x 35 inches in size, and are ideal for couples or small families. To crank things up even higher, monster towels stretch to a whopping 120 x 120 inches. Of course, you'll need a lot of space on the beach for one of these. Supersize towels are guaranteed to provide plenty of space for you and your family, with lots of room for you to spread out your belongings.

How to Use Beach Towel Pegs

Prevent your beach towel from flying all over the place with a few quick and easy beach towel pegs, perfect if there's a slight breeze at the beach! These are quick and easy to use; simply use the palm of your hand to push the clip into the sand and covering one corner of your towel, until the peg is flat with the surface of the sand.

Not only are pegs great for avoiding sand, but they'll also keep your towel neatly in place when it's draped over a sun lounger, stopping the wind from blowing it away.

8 Large Beach Towel Pegs