Bestselling Refurbished Electronics

Shop for refurbished phones, laptops, earbuds, iPads and more with our refurbished products - all renewed and thoroughly checked by qualified suppliers.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished products are devices that have had a previous life before coming to us, whether they were returned to the manufacturer or vendor after a short time or traded in by a customer after a longer period of use. These devices are then checked by the supplier to see if they are in working order, have any defective parts replaced and are then thoroughly cleaned before being made available for purchase again. The condition of the device may vary which is why we've made a handy grading system to make it clear what you will receive (see How Good Are Refurbished Products?)

Save Up To 70% On Electronics

A major benefit of buying a renewed product is the price tag. Our refurbished products sell for up to 70% off the original retail price, making them a cost-effective way of getting some great tech without breaking the bank.

A Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Buying a refurbished product is not only good for your wallet - it's good for the planet as well. Refurbished products give a second chance to those devices that still remain in working order and extend their lifetime. This helps decrease electronic waste, meaning buying a refurbished product over a brand new one is the sustainable, environmentally friendly choice.

How We Check Our Refurbished Products

The first thing we do when we are sent a refurbished product is check it over ourselves. This includes not only checking the device is in working order, but also rigorously checking for any blemishes or scratches and assigning it one of the grades below. We will also verify the legitimacy of the supplier and perform background checks on the business to ensure the product is safe for use. After this point we still perform anonymous spot checks to ensure the quality and standards of the product are met throughout the time we're advertising it.

How Good Are Refurbished Products?

The length of time the device was used by the previous owner and therefore the condition may vary, so we've put together this handy grading system so you know what to expect:

  • Very Good: Very well looked after and, as such, close to pristine. You might notice some slight blemishes on close inspection but, by and large, the product is in great condition. Functionality isn't affected in the slightest, though - everything works perfectly!
  • Good: A few signs of wear-and-tear show that it's clearly seen a fair bit of use, but overall it's in good shape. There might be a few surface marks, but it's still aesthetically sound. Functionality isn't affected in the slightest, though - everything works perfectly!
  • Acceptable: Clear signs of consistent long-term use, including (but not limited to) scuffs, scratches and dents, mean that the product is not as pretty as it once was. Functionality isn't affected in the slightest, though - everything works perfectly!

Does My Refurbished Product Include Warranty?

Most of our refurbished products include either a six-month or 12-month warranty. However, this varies depending on the supplier so always check the highlights and fine print for the product you are purchasing to see if a warranty is included.

Can I Get A Refund?

If you change you mind or aren't happy with your product, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee or refund.

Buy Now, Pay Later

We understand that even with our discounts buying a phone, laptop or desktop computer can still be a big financial commitment. To help spread the cost, we let you buy now and pay later with PayPal credit on products which are £99 or more. Click here for more information.