Picnic Blankets, Mats and Tables

Check out Wowcher's full range of picnic blankets and tables today! From portable picnic tables that can be folded away to waterproof mats, we've got a deal that will help you take out a good spread on those sunny days.

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Waterproof Blankets

Perfect for the temperamental British weather, waterproof picnic blankets will stay protected when an unexpected bout of rain decides to show up. Most of these blankets consist of a cushioned, soft fleece fabric front and a durable PVC backing that can stand up against the dampest of grounds.

Roll Up Blanket

If you're in need of something handy this summer that you can simply pack up and put away whenever you need, then a roll up banner is perfect! Simply roll it up when you're finished using it, and use the handle to carry it around with you.

Personalised Blanket

For something a little more special, personalised picnic blankets are here and ready to make al fresco dining a whole lot more entertaining. Whether you want a nice picture with your other half, or a hilarious image of dad caught off guard, the possibilities with these are endless. Simply head online, upload your chosen photo, and wait a few working days for the masterpiece to be delivered straight to your door!

What Material Is A Picnic Blanket?

Picnic blankets can be any material really, but the most commonly used is a thicker fleece material. It's very cosy to sit on and if it's a little colder it'll keep you warm. This is also a good option for the beach as it's thicker it should help to keep the sand out.

How to Keep a Picnic Blanket in Good Condition

It's important to keep your picnic blanket squeaky clean, so you can continue using it whenever the sun comes out. Firstly, only store away your blanket when it's 100% dry.

Wipe away any stubborn stains with a cloth mixed with warm water and laundry powder, and try to avoid using a washing machine. High temperatures tend to cause damage, so it's best to avoid the dryer too.

Keep your blanket out of the sun when it's not in use to avoid fading, and keep it away from rocky surfaces.

How to Assemble a Picnic Table

Picnic tables can be quickly assembled for the whole family to enjoy in just a few simple steps, so get your tools at the ready, and begin! Cut the angle on the legs, lay the seat support on the legs and screw together. Screw the top frame together using a pipe clamp to hold everything in position. Next, fasten the top frame to the legs, attach the seat frame to the seat support, and fasten the crossbrace.

Next you'll need to drill to create the bolts, install the fasteners and sock down the nuts. In the deck planks, drill small pilot holes before finally rounding everything off with a router, and you're all set!

Portable Picnic Tables

If you don't fancy spending a whole weekend assembling your picnic blanket and are keen to kick off the al fresco dining straight away, then portable picnic tables are a great option. Made from durable plastic materials with a foldable brief case design, these tables are perfect for transportation. Most portable tables even come with a hole for you to place a parasol, keeping you nice and cool when the sun's beaming down.

Why Are Picnic Tables Important?

Picnic tables are a great addition to any outdoor space and help to increase the practicality of the area. They are also a great place for little ones to sit and enjoy their food and drinks. It's also important to bear in mind that the picnic table you choose should cater for all ages, from little ones to elderly people.