Paddling Pools & Hot Tubs

Make the most of the warmer months with our range of garden hot tubs and paddling pools. The days of trekking to homeware stores are over, now you can get it all delivered straight to your door!

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Paddling Pools

Get ready for a good old splash about with the kids this summer, paddling pools have taken over the market. Coming in a variety of different shapes and sizes to fit your garden style, doing the cannon ball has never been so fun! From large rectangular inflatable pools that'll fit all the little ones in, to rounded three-ring shape pools coming in a variety of vibrant colours, there's something for everyone.

How Long Can You Leave Water in a Paddling Pool?

Paddling pools guarantee endless smiles for the little ones, but it's important not to leave the water inside for too long, so the fun can continue. Make sure you're changing the water in your inflatable pool every day. Each evening, remember to drain the pool, wait for it to dry, then give it a good clean to remove any bacteria from getting in.

Do I Need To Put Anything Under A Paddling Pool?

We want to ensure you have a great time in your paddling pool, so if you've got a smaller inflatable pool, you'll be able to get by with some tarp underneath. If your pool is on flat ground or grass with no debris around then you won't need to put anything underneath it! Larger inflatable pools should have a pool liner underneath to keep it protected from getting damaged by anything that might be on the ground.

How to Clean a Paddling Pool

With the correct amount of TLC, your paddling pool will remain an endless source of laughs for your children all summer. At the end of the day, drain the the kids pool, using an old towel to remove any excess water. With a scrubbing brush in hand, wash the sides of the pool with (very) diluted bleach, paying extra attention to slippery parts that may have been affected by algae. Finally, rinse everything out with a hose, making sure to remove any areas of bleach thoroughly.

This method of cleaning is only required if absolutely necessary. As long as you're frequently wiping the inflatable pool with antibacterial spray, you should only need to do so if it's re-remerged after months in storage.

Hot Tubs

If you can't hit the VIP beach bar right now, bring the beach bar to your garden! Hot tubs instantly add an element of luxury to your home that all the family can get involved with. Depending on the size and shape of your garden, you can choose from a range of different style Jacuzzi hot tubs: an inflatable spa, portable and custom-built tubs that you can move around to different parts of the backyard, or a professional looking in-ground tub.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Hot Tub?

Just treated yourself to a brand new hot tub? It's a common worry for many of us how much the upkeep will cost, as Jacuzzis require a ton of power to stay hot. In recent years however, maintenance costs have gone way down as manufacturers have improved their hot tub's efficiency. On average, you're looking at around £27.59 a month to run a small energy-efficient tub, with a bigger tub costing around £35.54 a month. Make sure you're following all the manufacturers advice to keep these costs at a reasonable level.

Is It Worth Owning A Hot Tub?

It's definitely worth investing in if you're looking to use it regularly, and will take care of it and maintain it properly! Hot tubs are a great sign of luxury and right on your back doorstep. Also, hot tubs are known to provide relaxation and help you relieve stress, so it sounds like a great idea to us!


Home delivery is easily the most popular forms of purchase for hot tubs across the UK. Once you've selected your dream tub and hit the "buy now" button, your Jacuzzi will be delivered via a flatbed truck. Ensure you've made plenty of room in your driveway, and marked out a good spot for where you want the hot tub to sit. Using a dolly truck, your hot tub will be manoeuvred and positioned into the desired spot, et voila!