Adult Toys and Sexual Wellness

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so it's time to spread the love! Are you and your partner looking to inject a little heat into the bedroom? Or are you simply on a voyage to solo sexual discovery? Well scroll down for sizzling sex toy deals - from sleek vibrators to adventurous restraint sets, these are guaranteed to make your intimate experiences burst with pleasure!

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Adult & Sex Toy Advent Calenders

Advent calendars aren't just for Christmas! These sexy advent calendars mean the treats continue long after Valentine's Day has passed...

12 Days of Sexmas Naughty Advent Calendar

Guaranteed to heighten seduction, sensuality and sexual prowess, our sexy advent calendar isn’t just offering cute toys, oh no! It has everything from anal beads to nipple and clitoral clamps! So whilst it's cold outside, keep things burning up this V Day.

Get the 12 days of Sexmas advent calendar here

12 Piece Sex Toy Adult Set Advent Calendar:

Spice up your life with this kinky advent calendar! Not only does this feature items such as a textured penis sleeve or a bullet vibrator, it has a kamasutra dice, which is a sure way to add variety and flavour to your sexual experiences!


Buy the 12 piece Sex Toy Advent calendar here

Our favourite sex toys for solo fun

It’s often said that the best way to teach others how to pleasure you, is to firstly know how to pleasure yourself! Below are a few handpicked adult toys that are guaranteed to set you firmly on the pathway towards steamy solo fun…


Toys for Men

Spinning Male Adult Toy 

This incredible toy takes self pleasure to a tantalising new level! Available in both standard and premium editions, this toy puts the user firmly in the driver's seat! Both versions are waterproof and come with a realistic 4D skin like quality and an optimum tongue feature. The standard edition has forward and back motions, four rotational settings and is made from odourless silicone. The premium edition features a 360 degree transparent window, seven rotational settings and voice interaction all guaranteed to help you arrive at your destination! Both devices are easy to clean and super discreet so easy to carry around with you. It is advised to use a water based lubricant with both devices. 

Spinning Male Adult Toy 

Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator

This vibrating male masturbator will have you edging with ultimate pleasure! It features eighteen different modes, six vibration patterns and a smooth silicone entry point all designed to tease and please your phallus to the highest point of satisfaction! It can also be warmed up to 42°C for an incredibly lifelike experience. Its sleek, discreet design means that it can be stored or carried around without detection. For an even smoother lifelike experience, it is advised to use plenty of water based lubricant.

Rechargeable vibrating male masturbator

Toys for Women

Realistic Thrusting Dildo Vibe

Fancy taking self exploration up a notch? Well look no further than this realistic thrusting dildo! This strong suction device can be attached to any surface and it is waterproof, so you can be adventurous with where you choose to receive the ultimate stimulation! The thrusting dildo also comes with seven thrusting and seven vibration modes, all certified to hit that spot that will leave you begging for more! Its silicone feel makes it extremely comfortable to use and it can last up to 90 minutes on a full charge, providing you with multiple moments of red hot pleasure!

Realistic Thrusting dildo vibe 

Inspire Pulsating Intimate Arouser:

Don’t be fooled by the petite nature of this device! This curvaceous massager is designed to stimulate every fibre of your intimate area! With ten vibration functions and an oscillating stimulator, you are sure to be floating in pure ecstasy once you’ve encountered it! This massager allows for quick and easy USB recharging, so you never have to compromise on your solo sexual experiences again! 


Inspire pulsating Intimate arouser

Sex Toy Ideas for Couples

Two’s company right? Well what better way to explore each other's company than by adding in some of our seductive items! Below are a few handpicked ideas that are certainly going to inject some spice into your bedroom antics…

Sex Aid Bouncer Chair

In the words of Iggy Azeala ‘shake it, break it, make it BOUNCE!’. This chair is designed to give couples the ultimate freedom to explore each other in a variety of positions without putting pressure on your thighs and knees. Its modest design means that it can pass for a standard stool in your bedroom, leaving it firmly in position to go whenever you are raring to go! It’s flexible and super easy to clean and it allows for you to add an inflatable pillow just in case you would like to heighten those wild experiences you’re about to encounter!

Check out the Sex Aid Bouncer Chair here

Oral Fun Board Game:

Time to invite your mouth to the party for this ultimate sexy game! This game is sure to bring the heat as players give and receive oral upon the command of the naughty categories in which they find themselves in. The game is described as ‘the game of eating out, whilst staying in’... There really isn’t a better way to set the mood for the evening!

Check out the Oral Fun Board Game here

Remote Control Underwear Vibrator:

Let your partner take the reins with this ultra sleek device! Simply pop this twelve vibration mode vibrator into your underwear and relax as your partner uses the accompanying remote control to bring you sexual pleasure on a whole other level! 

Check out the remote control underwear vibrator here

4pc Anal Plug Set

Feeling adventurous? Well look no further than this anal plug set! It comes in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the perfect insertion for hours of fun! The anchor style base helps prevent over insertion so you and your partner can explore freely without worry. It is advised to use a water based lubricant when playing with the anal plug set. 

Check out the 4pc anal plug set here.

Loving Joy Water Based Slide Lubricant

Enhance your sexual experience with this long lasting water based lubricant! Made with natural ingredients and paraben free, this lubricant is safe to use for anyone. It is also non-staining so you can play without any worries.

Check out the Loving Joy Water Based Slide Lubricant here.

Restraint Bondage Set Handcuffs

Fancy pushing the boundaries between pleasure and pain? Well this bondage handcuff set is perfect for beginners or more experienced BDSM lovers. Designed to bind wrists to ankles or other body parts or people, these cuffs are sure to give you the edge over any seductive session you might have in mind. 

If you’re looking for more ways to burn up the bedroom with bondage gear, check out our page with all the sexy deals on bondage kits and BDSM sets here

Playing dice, Blindfold and Headband set

Explore the depths of your senses with this kinky set! As Kelis once said ‘when he wants it, he blindfolds me, then I get sexy on him’. With this seductive dice game and the blindfold/ headband set you’ll be able to get sexy on him all night long! The anticipation of where the dice will go, will leave you thirsting from your partner and you’ll do it whilst looking fierce in your  headband set!

Check out the playing dice, blindfold and headband set here


Sexual Wellness

A large part of our human experience is to do with our sexuality. It is within the fibre of our being to want to engage in sexual relationships and experiences. These experiences are not only designed for procreation, they are also designed to alleviate stress, experience pleasure, form close intimate connections with others and to improve our sense of self. The neurotransmitters that are activated during sexual activity benefit our overall well being both mentally and physically.