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Professional Will Writing Service£14 for a professional single will writing service, £19 for a mirror (joint) will with Yes Wills

A professional single will writing service with Yes Wills OR redeem for a Wowcher Wallet Credit.
A professional mirror will writing service with Yes Wills OR redeem for a Wowcher Wallet Credit.
Cost of deals : = £0.00
Collect 1,400 Club Wowcher points when you buy this deal
Promotion ends on
04 / 06 / 2015


  • Get a single will or mirror (joint) will - ideal for married couples or partners.
  • Consultation with a legal expert in the office or over the phone.
  • Get advice on inheritance tax and protecting your assets.
  • Make sure your loved ones are cared for after you've gone.
  • Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Based in Bridgend, South Wales.

The Fine Print

  • One per person or per couple.
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Voucher valid until 7th Sep 2015.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy applies.
  • Consultation with a legal expert in the office (based in Bridgend) or over the phone.
  • Appointments subject to availability.

Full Details

The phrase live every day as if it's your last usually means you should be more adventurous. However, it's also important to be practical and to make sure your affairs are in order, just in case...

We're offering you a single will for £14, or a mirror (joint) will for just £19!

Tailored to your individual needs, the helpful professionals at Yes Wills will put all your worries at rest. With today’s deal, you can choose to arrange a meeting at their office or over the phone. A legal expert will help you decide how best to split your assets, while also offering advice on inheritance tax and other confusing legal issues. Life has a funny way of throwing surprises at you, so don’t put off 'til tomorrow what you could do today...

Yes Wills is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Appointments outside these hours may be available on request.


How to Redeem

  1. When you've bought we’ll send you your unique wowcher code.
  2. Call Yes Wills to book using the number we send you.
  3. Quote your full wowcher code.

The deal can also entitle you to a Wowcher Wallet Credit. Click here for more info.