Wine Hampers

Calling all vino lovers! If you're looking to gift someone special with an indulgent treat, then a wine hamper is the answer. These luxurious gift sets are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

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What wine selection can I get in a wine hamper?

Whether you're mad for Merlot or a sucker for Sauvignon, we can guarantee you'll find the perfect tipple for you with the wide variety of wine hampers up for grabs. These fabulous alcohol gift sets can be categorised into red wine hampers for those who love nothing more than a glass of rouge of an evening, white wine gifts, rose hampers, champagne, Prosecco or even alcohol free. With these luxury gift hampers, the opportunities are endless!

Do wine hampers & alcohol gift sets make a good gift?

There's nothing quite like ending the day with a cheeky glass of vino, so why not take that indulgence and make it a luxurious gift for someone? Wine hampers come in your choice of tipple, and at a super reasonable price that won't break the bank. What's more, these alcohol gift sets can be delivered straight to your recipients door, so they'll be clinking their glasses in no time! The gift-giving process has never been so much fun.

Is food included in Wine Hampers

Contrary to popular belief, wine hampers don't have to be limited to just the popular beverage. Cheese and wine hampers have taken the gift-giving market by storm, treating recipients to the option to nibble on Stilton, brie and camembert whilst sipping down a tall glass of Pinot Noir. There are also wine and chocolate hampers, for those of us who love nothing more than reaching for the truffles and caramel-filled balls of goodness, before washing it all down with a beverage.

Do I need to be over 18 to buy a wine hamper?

Wine hampers are a guaranteed way to bring a smile to anyone's face, but it's important that rules and regulations are maintained during the process. The rules still apply with hampers that both purchaser and recipients of the gift set must be at least 18, so if you're looking to treat that special someone, make sure you meet this requirement. In most cases, couriers are required to uphold the challenge 25 policy upon delivery, so make sure you've got your ID nearby when receiving the gift.