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Try something new or brush up on your skills with our range of water sports equipment! Whether you're an expert paddle boarder looking for a new SUP paddle board or a beginner surfer looking for your very first surfboard, allow us to be your guide! We also have some great deals on local scuba diving activities and sport cameras to relive all your underwater adventures. Scroll down for advice on choosing your paddle board and surfboard.

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What is Paddleboarding?

Paddle boarding is a popular water sport where people use their arms whilst laying or kneeling on the paddleboard to propel them forward in a swimming motion. There is also stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP which works in the same way, except the person stands on the board with a paddle. While the ocean is the best place to perform this sport, SUP is becoming increasingly popular as you can easily practise your skills in a local lake or river.

What is the difference between Paddle Boarding and Surfing?

To put it simply, the paddle! Stand up paddle boarding requires you to use a paddle to move through the water and glide the waves, or use your hands if you're kneeling or laying down. With surfing, you use your body to ride the waves! Paddle boarding is often described as a combination of kayaking and surfing.

What are the different types of paddle boards you have?

We have a good range of paddle boards here at Wowcher ready to get you gliding through the waves! Our inflatable SUP boards tend to be the most popular. They are made from high-density EVA, and are a perfect board for beginners especially as they include all the tools and accessories that you will need to get you started. We also have an amazing deal on a two-person paddle board. If you're looking to get out on the water with someone else, this will be the perfect choice for you! A great way to enjoy some beautiful weather and see some pretty views, it also features a non slip pad for your safety. It also comes with a high pressure hand pump and a handy repair kit, so you'll be covered! We do also have an inflatable surfboard, which is designed to handle bigger waves than our other paddle boards. It does come with a paddle, so if you're not feeling brave enough to control the board with your body, you can use the paddle instead!

What are the benefits of paddle boarding?

Most water sports including paddle boarding provide you with a full body workout. It's a great opportunity for you to get out on the water and exercise at the same time. It will also help you work on your balance and flexibility, especially if you decide to try out surfing!

Other Water Sports Equipment

If you want to look back on your adventurous water sports, then this is the deal for you! We have a sports camera and waterproof case! Whether you're swimming, scuba diving, paddle boarding or surfing, you'll be able to record yourself and watch it back. This can help you improve on your techniques or just serve as a place to store your memories!

Scuba Diving Experience

Jumpright into the world of scuba diving with our scuba diving experience deals! A professional will take you through all the basics in just 2 hours, you can even upgrade to bring a friend with you to learn the ropes. All the equipment you need is provided, so why not give it a go?