Ten Stag Do Ideas for the 2024 Season

The final hurrah, the last frontier of masculinity, the debasement of all that it is to be human. Regardless of how you perceive the great British bachelor party, you’ve had the call up and time’s ticking before you have to deliver a weekend of decadent debauchery.

Luckily for you, the Wowcher team are no strangers to a party, and have everything you need to throw a pretty darn spicy one. So, sit back, open up the collective wallet of 20 repressed young gentlemen and get ready to splash some cash.

Nothing says stag like a blind-folded bloke in his underpants. Sadly though, even the most accommodating of doormen might end your night there.

So, how do you deliver volatility without a 9pm bedtime. Well, my friend, look no further than the Wowcher Mystery Holiday. 6am airport pints, a European City, the chance of something other-worldly and all for less than 100 of the King’s currency.

Nothing says Stag more than a bit of fancy dress.

You can take the swarthiest of grooms-to-be, put them in a super mario costume, and transform them seamlessly back into an untouchable single man. What’s more, you are likely going to be in charge of over ten unruly men – make life easier for yourself by having them all dressed in themed attire.

Whether you’re getting on the sauce, or looking for a bit of it, Wowcher have you covered. Particularly when it comes to this Coyote Ugly deal. Bottomless brunch at this hedonistic paradise for less than £30, what more could you want?

Unless you all fancy an early bath, a boozeless activity needs to be on the cards. Preferably one that helps a few of the group blessed with a surplus of testosterone let off a bit of steam.

What says good, friendly but alpha identifying fun more than blasting each other with paintballs? And at £10 a pop, what’s not to love? Other than the week-long, post-combat bruising?

Let’s face it, impending marriage spells a barren future for the man you’re putting this show on for.

What better way of reminding him of this than showing him the wide array of alternatives open to him and his wife to be over the years ahead. All the merrier if the great reveal is achieved at an early morning, airport security check.

Surprisingly enough, Wetherspoon’s at 9pm on a Saturday night may not be the best place to chance upon members of the fairer sex.

However, if your team of cheery chaps are in the market for a heady mixture of ironic frivolity and a realistic punt at laying eyes on some leery eyed ladies – then perhaps a trip to see our Chocolate Men isn’t the wildest of fantasies?

"Line thy stomach". A commandment set down by the great man himself, ahead of the Galilee’s vinicultural event of the millennia.

Before wildly boozing it up, it’s always best to have a quick bite to eat. Here we have the added bonus of booze being included, and with BrewDog pubs up and down the country, we’re sure we have a voucher for you here.

For the least imaginative of party go-ers; beer pong is a game that allows for the primacy of hand eye coordination, guarantees a reduction in meaningful conversation and encourages whooping and hollering to celebrate what would widely be recognised as luck. The ideal game when bringing together an incongruous set of thirty somethings with absolutely nothing in common.

If there is one place to go, besides Newcastle’s Big Market, for a stag do – then it’s Prague. Cheap Beer, degenerate hostelries, and with Wowcher – £69 per person for return flights and a hotel. Even for the groom’s unemployed younger brother, that is an affordable price point. Book it now, ask questions later.

The nirvana of the stag do; a reckless, life-endangering activity and the ability to truly embody your inner Jeremy Clarkson.

Get in a sports car and drive it as fast as you can around Silverstone, and then watch your friends do it. Wowcher has more super car rides than a James Bond omnibus, and at prices that would make Johnny English blush.