How To Spend Less At Christmas

The holidays can be hard, you never know how many cards to send out, what size turkey to get, or whether to get the posh crackers or not. Is it right that you've saved all year just to spend it on one day? Read ahead for money saving tips on how to make this Christmas a bit more cost-effective. See our range of Christmas products and gifts under £20 below.

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Spending Less At Christmas

If you want to reduce costs at Christmas you need to plan, stick to the list and source cheaper gifts. Get the basic crackers. As the season to be jolly approaches, you're stressed about who to invite on the big day. You want grandma there but not the weirdo uncle who stuffs his face, cracks uncouth jokes and brings the mood down, but they come as a 2-for-1 package deal. The more the merrier right? The struggle is definitely real when it comes to the Christmas shop. Battling through hoards of parents with complaining kids hanging off the trolley as you try and think, how many cheeses do you need for the Boxing Day cheese board? But don't worry, as we're here to help!

Plan Ahead

We recommend starting the Christmas shopping at the end of October - yes you heard us right - Halloween is gone and John Lewis' Christmas ad is round the corner, so the season has officially started! Get yourself a cute designed planner to keep your spirits up. Your phone will work fine but there's something about putting pen to paper that makes it easier to plan. You will need several detailed lists including one for the kids, food and drinks, a gift list and miscellaneous. Put them in priority order and tackle one at a time. Gifts are the priority task and require much more planning but there are ways around it.

Start The Christmas Shopping Early

If you have to buy a gift that is one-of-a-kind like a games console, try and find it second hand. Nowadays there are so many second-hand websites and apps, someone will be selling it cheaper. If you can avoid buying full price then do. Gifts like books, clothes, accessories and records are easy to find second-hand and a lot of the time haven't even been used or worn. Sourcing these items cheaper will most likely cut your costs by a lot, however, finding good deals is time consuming so make sure to leave enough time. Alternatively, shopping for gifts throughout the year is a good solution as your bank account wont take a big hit in one go. When someone mentions they want something, keep a note of it to buy nearer the time or buy it during the year and store it. This will also avoid less stress and panic when buying Christmas gifts.

Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

After you've spent the majority of your budget on your immediate family and friends, work colleagues, annoying aunties and friends of friends can benefit from a homemade gift. If you've got kids, a macaroni photo frame will suffice, and if you don't, a knitted scarf, painting or homemade chocolate truffles are always a winner. If you've never stepped foot in a Hobbycraft, then going to Christmas markets is the ideal solution. Handmade soaps, artisan brownies and wine is always on offer and if all else fails pop to Aldi, grab a basket and make up a hamper of food and drinks the person likes.

Secret Santa

If secret Santa is taking place at the work Christmas party you will need to get a cheap gift for that as well. Simply filter by price, 'under £5' and 'under £10' options are always available. If you know nothing about your secret Santa then a plant or succulent is always a good gift and you can guarantee it will be used! Doing Secret Santa with your family is a great way to keep costs down, and guarantees everyone will get a decent present. That way you only have to buy one main present and you can spend a bit more on it to get them something they actually want.

Save Early & Spread The Cost

Saving early in the year and budgeting for the Christmas period will reduce your overall stress around that time and help you plan more effectively. Try and spread the cost evenly but some things (like the cheese board) do need to be invested in more. Buying things as and when you remember throughout the year will help you stick to a budget. Try and find loopholes where you don't need to spend money unnecessarily. Keeping everyone entertained at Christmas is free, no fancy games needed! Charades, quick on the draw and a quiz will keep everyone laughing.

Make The Most Of Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday is always a crazy time of year with even crazier discounts. If you've left everything to somewhat the last minute, Black Friday will be your saving grace. Take full advantage of the discounts on offer, especially if you want to buy something new, buying the item cheaper will mean your bank account will thank you for it. Make sure you are prepared with a list and try to stick to it. Black Friday sales are always flashy and tempting and it's so easy to spend money on yourself and get sucked in. Failing that, Cyber Monday has even bigger discounts which may be more tempting but the sales go so fast so you will need to be quick! The satisfaction you will feel after Christmas to still have money to spend on yourself in the January sales should be your motivation to keep costs down to have a holly, jolly Christmas.