7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Compact spaces

Size isn’t important - it’s what you do with it that matters.

This is particularly true when it comes to a small bedroom. Sure - designing for a smaller space brings with it some challenges but with careful planning and really considering what’s important for you and your personality, these challenges can be easily solved.

Our Bedroom team is always on the lookout for how to cater for all styles and sizes of bedroom - below are some of their expert ideas on how you can make the most of your small space - whether it’s tiny, small or just smallish.

Your bed will be the biggest item in your room by a long way. Doubling up this space for storage is an absolute no brainer.

If you don’t have a storage bed (see ideas 2 and 3 below) then opting for under bed storage boxes or bags is a good way to go.

Using bags or boxes, as opposed to shoving individual items under your bed, will make it much easier when it comes to hoovering and will avoid your items collecting dust under the bed.

Reaching under the bed every single day may get annoying pretty quickly so, if possible, store things that you don’t need every day like spare shoes and out of season clothes or those once a week, once a month items. If you do need to store things that need to be accessed more regularly, then storage beds and gas lift ottomans may be the way to go. |

Here are storage solutions you may be interested in…

A slightly smarter solution is buying a storage bed.

Beds with drawers are a great place to store clothes - removing (or at least reducing) the need for a chest of drawers. These are a great choice if you want easy access and you’ll use them every day - as long as you don’t mind crouching.

You aren’t limited to clothes either, you can pack away hair dryers, shoes, secret diaries or whatever you fancy.

Top tip: Go for a 4 drawer option to take advantage of all of that bed space.

We have a lot of divan beds with drawers on site - as divans split into two, these are great for moving into a smaller bedroom. Here are a few of our favourite storage divans that we have on site.

Ottoman beds are beds where you can lift up the frame and store items in the base. These are perfect if you want to store larger items such as spare bedding and pillows, as ottomans enable you to make use of the entire area of the bed.

Ottoman beds use gas lift hydraulics to help lift the frame, so you don’t need to worry whether you’re strong enough to lift a bed. These are usually a little more expensive than divan beds, but offer more versatility with what you can store away. While storage divans offer more easy access for everyday items.

Here are some Ottoman beds that may be useful to you.

In a small bedroom, floor space is limited - so don’t waste this with a bulky bedside table…

Resting your glass of water, bedside lamp or favourite book on a floating shelf means you don’t need to sacrifice your morning or evening ritual due to lack of floor space.

You don’t need to stop at a bedside table either - add in a floating bookshelf or a display shelf for your marathon trophy, candle or anything else you’d want to put on show.

In a small bedroom everything should have a second purpose - I mean, what’s the point in a wardrobe door if you can’t see your outfit in it?

Instead of trying to fit in a full length mirror AND a wardrobe, having this combined is the perfect way to save the limited wall space or floor space.

If you choose to go with this, think about where you need to position your wardrobe so the mirror works. I don’t want to advocate jumping on the bed so you can see yourself - but let’s face it, we’ve all done this at one time in our lives.

Lean into your rooms snug size, and create an intimate, cosy den of your space with blankets, throws and texture.

Go for darker, warm colours - or just your favourite colour to make your place a hideaway from the world and uniquely yours.

Here are a few different types of blankets you might be interested in

If you’d rather a light, airy and fresh feel then you may want to use a colour light or white colour theme to make your bedroom feel larger.

White furniture is timeless, so is perfect if you don't plan on redecorating often. It is also minimal - helping to clear the room of clutter, and a blank canvas in case you want to add artwork or pops of colour for your personality.

Here are some of our popular white bedroom furniture sets that you may be interested in.