Remote Control Cars and Toys

Between remote control cars and fighting robot toys, we've got enough deals here to turn every morning into an arena of fun!

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Remote Control Cars

Put your pedal to the metal and win the race against time to grab one of these bargains! On this page you'll find a range of children's electrical cars with remotes along with robots and other remote-control toys!

Transforming Cars

Remote control cars come in a range of different shapes and sizes, some of which being based around popular film themes. If your child's ever seen the Transformers movie, they'll love playing around with a robot remote control car. Often available to choose from a range of different designs, these high-tech toys are designed as a two-in-one gadget that can switch between car and robot form at the push of a button, usually with bright lights and 360-degree rotations for added effect.

Climbing Remote Control Cars

Contrary to popular belief, remote control cars are not limited to driving down ground surfaces. There are a range of toy cars that can speed up and down all areas of the house. Featuring a four-way remote, these gadgets can switch from any kind of smooth surface: floors, windows, walls ceilings and more!

Remote Control Toy Robots

It's not just cars that our kids can play around with. Remote control toy robots come pre-assembled and ready for your little one to get it whizzing around the house. Fitted with a range of exciting features such as flashing lights, a dance mode, backwards and forwards walking and even the ability to shoot disks from their mouth, your child will be entertained all day long with one of these.

How Do Remote Control Cars Work?

Remote control cars provide endless fun for your little ones, and are also an easy way to improve their motor skills - but how do they work? The remote-control toy will receive radio waves, which kick the motors into action. The power source sends movement to all working parts, and the transmitter takes full control, again through radio waves. In short, through a set of radio waves and signals, your little one can move their toy car in various different directions and speeds using their remote-control.