Home Gifts

Go all out with our home gifts for the stay-in lovers. Whether you're after new house gifts or needed additions, here you'll find the perfect home gift ideas, from house plants to kitchen appliances.

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Home Gift Ideas

Home gifts are always highly appreciated. If they say home is where the heart is, then, home is where everything is! With our selection of home gift ideas, you're sure to find a gift to suit all tastes. Explore our housewarming gifts for that friend who just moved! Or perhaps you're looking for the perfect decor idea to give your or your loved one's house that long-needed update? Then this must be the place.

Home Decor

The time we spent indoors made us reevaluate the value of our homes. Whether it's for you or a loved one, you're sure to make an impact with our home decor gifts. Our options will give you plenty of room for imagination, and then action! Improve the spaces with an indoor plant moving in that empty corner, or populate the walls with beautiful wall art. Whatever you have in mind, we probably have it in stock.

Indoor Plants

Plants will change spaces completely, and for the better! If you want to get yourself or a loved one a new indoor plant, you're in the right place. Because we happen to have a great selection of house plants to cover all needs. Choose from our collection of air purifying plants, great for removing toxins from the air, or go for the beautiful rounded leaves of a Chinese money plant that will brighten up your home. And if low-maintenance means no-maintenance for you, you'll be happy to know we have plenty of artificial plants on offer!

Wall Decor

Nothing brings style to a house like a beautiful piece of wall decor does. From wall art to personalised canvas, we have it all in one place. Bring colour to your walls with our stunning metal and glass wall art, hand-painted and easy to hang. We know that style can be quite personal, so we have options for a gift to suit any loved one. With our collage canvas, they can choose their favourite photos to hang and display, printed onto the highest quality white canvas. What are you waiting for? Don't leave them hanging!

Housewarming Gifts

If you have a friend that just moved house or finally bought their own place, then a housewarming gift is a must. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, whether you're thinking of useful housewarming gifts or more traditional housewarming gifts. We doubt you'll still be undecided after you check out our offers, but if you are, then a Wowcher gift card will save the day!

Kitchen Appliances

If a loved one just moved into a new place, chances are they will need cooking utensils. So take a look at our kitchen appliances sale. We've got baking trays for the baking enthusiasts, non-stick frying pans to add to the cooking set, and even air fryers to cook quickly and with less fat. No matter if your friend is a cooking expert wanting to stand out with a stand mixer, or a novice in need of a chopping board or an electric blender, rest assured you'll find what you need here oven-tually.

Candle Gifts

If you're thinking of a more traditional housewarming gift, you can't go wrong with a candle gift set. Candle gifts are a classic and unpacking will be less of a hassle thanks to the warm atmosphere they'll create. Our selection includes the popular Yankee candles, classic scented and natural wax candles, and even flameless LED candles.

Gift Cards

We know that choosing the right housewarming gift can be quite overwhelming. There are just so many options! And if your friend or loved one is notoriously difficult to satisfy, then the quest can only get harder and harder. But we may just have the solution! One of our Wowcher gift cards will grant them the chance to get exactly what they need. We have gift cards up to £100 and they can be used to buy anything on Wowcher!

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