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If you're looking to make a decision on which mobile phone is best for you, look no further! Read on in our handy guide to make the right decision in choosing your brand new mobile...

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Samsung VS Apple

Apple and Samsung are the leading models of the smartphone world. Both appeal to the masses, but which is the best brand to go for to suit you and your needs? Let's explore the 3 top features to help inform your decision.

Operating System

Apple has access to its own iOS operating system (iOS). This means that the manufacturer has more control over producing updates, security patches and rolling these updates out to its devices, compared with Android users, whose operating system is controlled by Google. This could bode well for the potential Apple device users, as their systems may be more up to date and roll out quicker across all devices. However, new Samsung Android devices are typically launched with the newest version of Android's software, meaning that new device owners will always be up to date straight out the gate.


Users of both Apple and Android devices will now find that newer models don't come with a micro-SD card to expand internal storage, so you need to think carefully about storage configuration before you buy, or opt to pay more for external storage. Most newer models of smart phones start at 128GB capacity, which should be enough for most. At the top end, Apple users typically win out, with the newer models holding more internal storage (with iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max going up to 1TB, compared with the S21 Ultra which is available with 512GB of storage).


Cameras can be a selling point for many high-end phones, and both Samsung and Apple are adept in this field. Apple has continuously embraced the benefits of multiple lenses, and includes a 12MP wide and 12MP ultrawide on the iPhone 13. The 13 Pro adds an additional 12MP telephoto lens and a time-of-flight lens to help improve general photo effects - a great option for the general user without specific photographic subjects in mind. Samsung has a three lens array on the standard S21, this includes a 12MP wide, 64MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide. These measure up the same as the Apple Pro model, but the Samsung Ultra gets a boost with a 108MP wide angle lens, 10MP periscope telephoto lens, 10MP telephoto lens and 12MP ultrawide lens. Galaxy loyalists can also utilise the 'Scene Optimiser' function to automatically adjust and improve scene quality when the camera recognises the object or scene in the frame. These modes include food, animals, greenery, beaches and sunsets - great for users who typically take specific themed shots.