How To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Heat

Summer is fast approaching, which means six long weeks of keeping your children entertained, happy, and most importantly, safe!

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First up - shelter! You'll need to find some shade for your little ones if you don't want to deal with sunburn and tears...We suggest sectioning a piece of your garden that can be their little sanctuary, and creating the perfect shade with a garden gazebo or marquee. Whether more basic and simple like this pop up version or a larger, more permanent cover like this metal one, your garden will be transformed into a paradise for parties, pools, and tons of fun with the kids! With a gazebo, your table and chairs, paddling pool, or BBQ area will be protected all day long from the harsh sunlight, meaning you can dine, swim, and relax in peace!


Staying safe in the sun isn't just about layering on the sun lotion, you'll also need to think of the clothes and shoes your little ones are wearing as they play. To keep their tiny toes safe and sand-free, these water shoes are great! They're also quick-drying, so a little time in the sun and they'll be ready to wear again and again. To keep things fun and exciting in the paddling pool, transform your little one into the mermaid or Disney Princess of their dreams with amazing themed swimsuits!


Keeping hydrated is essential in the summer heat, especially for your little monsters! To make sure they get enough water throughout the day, a bottle that allows you to track their intake like this one can be a life saver. This clever bottle also has a spray function, making it perfect to give a spritz of cooling water to kids that have been running round building up a sweat.


You've got a long school holiday ahead of you, but the question is, what to fill it with? We know that kids can get bored quickly, so you'll need some fun outdoor activities to get their hearts pumping and faces smiling. This bouncy castle will be a hit with everyone - even the adults! It is perfect for getting the kids outside instead of staring at screens. Another way to get sneak some exercise into their day is this giant hopscotch game that is perfect for any outdoor space! Need to cool down after all that fun? There's no where better to do so than your very own pool, and this one has enough room for the whole family to splash around together.

Fans & Coolers

Sometimes even a dip in the paddling pool or the shade from a gazebo isn't enough - that's when it's time to break out the fan that's been tucked away all year. If you're out of luck and don't have one, never fear! Grab this cooler - featuring a large capacity water tank it is completely portable, meaning you can keep it cooling down the living room or take it outside for a bit of a breeze as you lounge in the sun. This handheld fan is great for kids on-the-go to carry with them to use whenever they need, even as they play!