Mix 3, 5 or 10 Climbers!

Climbing Plant Mix - Colourful Summer Garden Climbers




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Mix 3, 5 or 10 Climbers!

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Climbing Plant Mix - Colourful Summer Garden Climbers

Product Features

  • Enchanting Garden Transformation: Choose from a selection of beautiful climbers to turn your garden into a lush, vibrant oasis, perfect for any plant enthusiast.
  • Cost-Effective Variety: With an offer of £13.99 instead of £19.99, enjoy a delightful selection of climbers while saving up to 30%.
  • Personalised Selection: Mix and match from a range of stunning climbers, allowing you to customize your garden space according to your preferences.
  • Space-Saving Elegance: These climbers are an ideal way to add vertical charm to your garden, maximizing space while adding depth and character.
  • Economical and Aesthetic: This offer is not just about savings; it's also an opportunity to aesthetically enhance your garden with minimal investment.

Full Details

We're offering you Climbing Plant Mix for just £13.99 saving you 30% off Gardener's Dream Ltd's price.

Get ready for a 'vine' time with our fabulous deal: £13.99 instead of £19.99 for a Mix 3, 5, or 10 Climbers - save up to 30%! Transform your garden into an enchanting oasis and watch your savings 'grow' along with your lovely climbers!

  • Choice of climbers: Mix and match from a variety of stunning climbers to create a vibrant, lush garden space.
  • Great savings: Save up to 30% on this fantastic offer, making it easy to affordably enhance your garden's beauty.
  • Vertical charm: Maximise your garden's potential by adding depth and character with these beautiful, space-saving climbers.

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This deal is brought to you by Gardener's Dream Ltd VAT number: GB123698401

This deal is brought to you by Gardener's Dream Ltd VAT number: GB123698401