Hot Brushes and Straightening Brushes

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How Do Hair Straightening Brushes Work?

Hair straightening brushes are a relatively new phenomenon that have taken the haircare world by storm. As the name suggests, you simply straighten the hair by brushing through your locks slowly. They're made from an ionic technology which emits negative ions into the hair. These ions are meant to create a smooth and sleek look, soothing the cuticle which results in far less frizz or knotting.

Another advantage is that these magic brushes are meant to leave your hair feeling healthier, with much less split ends. So, not only will your locks look great after a quick brush, but it'll feel good too!

Can You Use a Straightening Brush on Wet Hair?

The simple answer to this question is no. Hair straightening brushes work similarly to flat irons, meaning that you could cause some serious damage to your hair if the tool isn't used correctly. If you apply intense heat from the brush when your hair is still wet, you could run the risk of frying it.

Hair Straightening Brush or Flat Iron?

Hair straightening brushes and flat irons share a lot of similarities, however there are still a few differences which may define which one you choose to purchase. Generally, hair straightening brushes are known to use much lower heat than flat irons, so they're probably the better option for those of you with thinner hair, while flat irons are recommended for those with thick hair.

One thing that hair straightening brushes are known to do that flat irons cannot, is add an element of sleekness and shine to your hair, as well as de-tangling any stubborn knots. So, if you're prone to messy and unruly hair, a straightening brush may just be your lifesaver.

Can You Curl Hair with a Straightening Brush?

One of the main advantages flat irons have over straightening brushes is that, sadly, the popular brush straightener tools cannot be used to curl hair. Rather than trying out different styles, the purpose of the straightening brush is really to get your hair looking straight and smooth, in a time as quick as it would be to normally brush your hair.