How To Host A Summer Party

Summer is here! The sun cream is on, the drinks are out, and there's not a cloud in the sky - time to party!

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Summer Party Ideas

Life is short, and sometimes our summer is even shorter! That's why now is the time to break out the old grill in the shed and throw the best summer party your neighbourhood has ever seen. Whether it's a small affair with just your closest friends and a bottle of wine, a BBQ with enough food for the whole street, or even a fancy dress celebration, it all starts with a few essentials.

Summer Party Decorations

Decorations for a summer party don't have to be too extravagant! You've got a beautiful natural setting outdoors that can set the scene for you as much as balloons can, but if you do feel like going the extra mile - gazebo or marquee is the best option if you're looking to give your guests a bit of shade from the sun, or if you're planning to have food out, a cover can stop pesky mosquitos getting first dibs! Beyond this, feel free to decorate the landscape around you! Hang bunting in the trees, attach balloons to the garden fence, and have some fun with it. You might as well go crazy with it and grab cute matching plates and cups, too - we never know how long the sun will last, so go all out!

Summer Party Outfits

What you wear, much like how you decorate, will all likely depend on the theme of your summer garden party. Are you celebrating a birthday in fancy dress? Is there a Spanish theme? Or are you partying just because? Whatever you're planning, you'll need to be in something light and comfortable so you can make sure you stay on your feet all night long! Your outfit can also help make you prepared for anything, like a dress with a bikini underneath so you're ready for the paddling pool, or an apron that you can throw on when you're at the helm of the BBQ.

How To Be A Successful Host

Being a successful host is all about making sure every guest is having a good time, which means ensuring every glass is full and every face has a smile! This also applies to you too - you can't be a very good host to your friends and family if you're not in the party mood yourself. A good host is always prepared for anything, so we suggest having a contingency plan for big things like food and entertainment! Not everyone can be a master on the grill, so don't be ashamed if you have to stock up on oven bites just in case your skills on the BBQ are questionable! As long as everyone gets fed, you'll have happy guests. If there are little ones attending your summer party, you might have to think of ways to keep them entertained whilst the adults use their time to relax. Outdoor games, water guns, and even a paddling pool can all be great ways to keep the two worlds separate.

Summer Party Food

It's simply not a party without a buffet of delicious goodies! Don't panic though, because you don't have to be a BBQ mastermind to satisfy your guests. You can always opt for a cold food party, where the food table is a spread of picnic bites and nibbles that will keep your friends and family happily picking all evening long. If you luckily do have a BBQ master present, feel free to grill anything and everything to create a feast that a king would envy - just make sure you have a cover in case the heavens decide to open up. It's important to remember that you're serving everybody equally, so make sure to ask around and cater for any vegetarians or vegans that may be attending!