Garden Wall Ideas

If you've got a bare garden wall that could do with a bit of decorating, then you'll love our garden wall ideas! Scroll past the deals to see all of our ideas.

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Garden Wall Decorating Ideas

If you're looking to make your garden wall really stand out, then we're here to help! We've got some great garden wall decorating ideas that will really brighten your space up. Whether you want to light the place up with our range of solar powered garden lights, decorate with some funky garden wall art or add some fun features like a garden clock or planters, we've got everything you need and more to make your garden wall extra special!


If you're looking to brighten up a wall or fence near your outdoor dining area, then you could make it more intimate and special with a solar garden wall light! These are handy as they charge up during the day so they'll stay lit up all night. Or if you're after a more colourful touch to your garden, we've got this solar powered waterproof outdoor light which you can have illuminating multi-colours all around your garden! Great for those summer garden parties and gatherings, or just a chilled evening in the garden.

Garden Wall Art

For a great finishing touch to your garden wall, add some garden wall art! With our range of garden wall art, any visitors to your garden will be instantly attracted to the stunning display you have. If you're an animal lover, then you'll love our owl or lizard garden wall ornaments! They have a built-in hole on the back, making them simple for you to hang up! Or we have these butterfly & dragonfly garden wall art ornaments, which feature hand-painted glass that looks stunning in the sunlight.

Garden Wall Planters

Of course, you can also paint the wall a nice colour before you start adding your features to it to make it really stand out! You could create almost a mini garden on the wall with plant pots and baskets and take in all the stunning greenery. We've got this garden wall plant pot where you can grow plants or flowers, and these pots can also be stacked on top of each other! Plus, you can choose from a range of colours including white, green, orange, red and yellow, so you can make your well as subtle or as bright as you'd like. Or we have these wall hanging garden pockets. These are ideal for the garden as they're eco friendly and thanks to the felt material, they're resistant to heat and cold. They're a good place and product to grow strawberries, so grab this berry good deal now!


If you want to let more natural light into your garden, then a trellis could be a good option for you. You can add these above existing walls or they can be freestanding on their own in your garden. We have this artificial floral trellis which has gorgeous green vines and cloth flowers. The best part is it will last you all year long and requires no maintenance. We also have this wooden planter lattice trellis which is ideal for planting flowers or herbs. If you've always wanted a climbing plant, then now is your chance!