Home Gym Equipment & Fitness

If you're creating the ultimate home gym, then you'll need all the gear! Check out our gym equipment and clothing below and get ready to up your fitness game!

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Exercise at Home

If the gym isn't for you, or you want to squeeze in more activities for keeping fit at home, then you've come to the right place! Above you'll find all of our home exercise equipment for home gyms and yoga sessions, and we're giving you some tips on how to stay fit below!

Yoga Mats and Classes

Why not give yoga a go? An easier low impact routine you can do in your lounge or even in your bedroom! You can get started with a yoga mat (don't worry, you can find one above) and a space big enough for you to lay down in. We even have deals on online yoga classes, so you can follow along with a professional or just feel part of a group!

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Resistance Bands

A great way to keep fit is with resistance bands. Rather than paying lots for various different sized weights, resistance bands give you that extra bit of weight to add to your workouts when you want to make them more challenging! We have a range of colours, sizes and lengths available, or you can try this resistance band set with several weights, so you can gradually go up as you get stronger.

Treadmills and Exercise Bikes

We all need a good cardio session now and then, so having something you can quickly jump on is a great idea! Especially when it's cold or raining and you don't want to get soaked or freeze on your bike. With our selection of treadmills and exercise bikes with adjustable resistance and speed as well as LCD displays, you'll be able to track all your stats as you go!

Treadmills | Exercise Bikes

Home Workout Ideas

There's so many home workouts you can do like going for a run outside, taking a spin on your exercise bike or clearing the area for an intense HIIT workout! By doing a variety of different workouts, you are targeting different body muscle groups and working towards achieving your goals. If you want to get creative, use the sofa or a chair as your bench and if you don't have weights, grab some water bottles and get lifting!

How To Clean Home Gym Equipment

It's important to keep your gym equipment clean, and make sure you wipe it down after each use. For a deeper clean, you can use an old toothbrush with warm soapy water or a cloth and wipe all over the machine. Use a dry cloth after to wipe down machines and any other equipment again, and you're all done!