Fitness Trackers & Sport Watches

Whether you're a fitness newbie or a regular gym goer, our fitness trackers and smart watches will keep track of all your stats and notifications so you can focus on getting in shape!

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Fitness Trackers

Make the most of your workouts and improve your performance with a fitness tracker! With a variety of functions available at your wrist like sleep monitoring, step counting and heart rate monitoring, you can monitor your stats and exercise. You can even view your notifications with some models!

Kids Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers and smart watches aren't just for adults! If you've got an active little one, then they'll love this kids tracker smart watch! They'll be able to have voice chats with friends, as well as play learning games on it and have access to a calendar and alarm.

Samsung Smart Watch

If you're looking for a Samsung smart watch, then we have just the thing with this Samsung Galaxy watch 3! Control your whole day from your wrist. Whether you need to check something in the calendar, answer a text or pay for the train in the morning, you won't need your phone or your wallet! Plus, it includes Samsung health monitor, which allows you to check your blood pressure and ECG, as well as counting your steps, calories and much more.

Apple Watch

If an Apple watch seems more app-ealing to you, then you'll love this Apple Watch Series 3! With a heart rate monitor, GPS, and a water resistance up to 50m, you'll be able to track all of your workouts. Plus, you can receive text messages, calls and other app notifications, so you won't miss a thing!

Smart Watch Features

Fitness trackers aren't limited to just tracking your exercise statistics, and many of them feature lots of other applications to make life a little easier! You can connect them to your phone via Bluetooth and play or pause music, answer calls and read text messages. On some models, you can even use a camera!

Plot Your Route with GPS

The best fitness trackers we have feature GPS so you can see where you are and choose the best route for your run or cycle. You can also use it to compare the distance you've run day to day, measure your progress, and keep an eye on that personal best! The best motivation to continue is seeing how far you've come.