Essential Garden Tools

Now that the weather outside is becoming better (we hope) we're here to make sure you've got all your essential garden tools ready for the upcoming seasons! Scroll down past the deals for everything you need to know.

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What Tools Are Essential For Gardening?

This list is in no particular order, but gardening gloves would be near the top of our list! You can use these for just about every task you need to do in your garden, but they are particularly handy for potting and planting where you need to feel what you're doing but don't want to be caked in mud or soil! In the winter, you'll be grateful that they're keeping your hands warm, but you won't be sweating in them in the summer either. If you need to move your garden shed or some wood, they're very good at protecting your hands from any splinters or cuts and helping to stop any existing cuts from getting any worse.


A rake is another essential tool for your garden. Gardeners used to use rakes to push together loose cut bits of grass, soil or other debris. It is a bit like a broom or a brush for the garden. The bottom part looks like a spring, which is designed to be used to pull things out, so some gardeners use the rake to pull out dead plants, weeds or roots. This is a good tool to use if it has been a windy day and you need to sweep up some leaves, so it's useful for all seasons and all weathers!


You may also hear these referred to as 'pruning shears' which basically means to tidy up when your plants or hedges get out of control! They cut with a sharp blade to give you back the shape of the bush or hedge that you want or to remove the bit of plant that you no longer want! They're a shear-iously good idea! These are an absolutely essential tool if you want to keep your garden looking in tip-top order, and they're a practical size to store in your garden shed or garden storage box for safe-keeping!

Garden Fork

If you don't have a garden fork then where have you been? Garden forks should be one of the tools hanging up on the back of your shed door! They are basically large forks usually with 4 prongs that are used to move compost or soil. So, if you're wanting to plant or replant then this would be the ideal tool for you. This is also another essential tool that you'll need all year round for your garden. You may also hear these called digging forks as they're very good for digging debris or roots out of the ground and can do this more effectively than a garden spade might!


Any heavy lifting or just general moving around the garden you need to do, can be made easier with a wheelbarrow. You'll also easily be able to lift and empty your wheelbarrow. These also come in handy if you're having a bit of a tidy-up and could be backwards and forwards to the skip as it'll save you time and the effort of having to carry everything. It's also an essential tool that can hold your other tools while you're bending down and working hard on improving your garden, sounds great to us! They also come in different sizes, so you're bound to find the perfect one for you and your garden.