How To Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

It's important that we all do what we can to help protect the environment, and we're here to help you do your bit starting with the garden! See below for our tips and advice on how you can make your garden more eco friendly.

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Attracting Wildlife

By encouraging wildlife into your garden, you're helping to look after local wildlife and controlling garden pests through natural predators. One of the best ways you can attract wildlife is by planting native plants. Native plants adapt to the climate and provide nectar, pollen and seeds that act as food for butterflies, insects, birds and other animals! A perfect way to help the planet while you're also helping your garden to thrive. Additionally, you could also plant a tree as you're more likely to attract wildlife like birds and insects to your garden if you have one. You can shop all of our Plantshere!

Allow Yourself to be a Bit Messy

We know you probably want your outdoor space to be neat and tidy, and we're sure it looks lovely, but it leaves little room for wildlife to come and explore. You don't have to let your whole garden completely overgrow, but by allowing a small section of your garden to overgrow, the more wild natural look will appeal and be more attractive to wildlife. You can shop all of our Garden Toolshere!

Provide for Nature

If you want nature and wildlife to visit your garden, then your garden needs to appear attractive to them and include what they need. For example, having a birdhouse and bird feeder, or a beehive will make them feel more comfortable and at home in your garden. Take a look at our Bird Feeder!

Reducing Your Environmental Impact

A great way of reducing your own environmental impact is by growing some food yourself! It's easy to do, it's cheaper and tastes great. You can grow pretty much anything like apples and tomatoes or potatoes and carrots. Fruit trees are also a good option. This is also a great activity that you can do with the whole family, and you do not need to be an expert gardener to grow your own food! Take a look at our Vegetable Growing Kit!


Many wildlife actually like to use compost as their habitat. By having a compost heap, you could attract earthworms, frogs and hedgehogs to name a few who will in turn help you maintain your garden, a great combination! Take a look at our Compost 40L Bags!


If you have the space for a pond, it provides a space for amphibians as well as insects and acts as a drinking source. Otherwise, putting a bird bath in your garden is a great alternative option for wildlife to have a fresh water source to drink from. Take a look at our Traditional Bird Bath!

Garden Furniture

You can also make your garden more eco friendly by which garden furniture you choose to have in your garden. Rattan garden furniture is the most eco-friendly option currently on the market. The rattan material is a raw natural material that grows back very quickly and is harvested by hand, making it a much better choice than metal or wood for garden furniture! You can shop our full range of Rattan Garden Furniturehere!