Why To Choose Rattan Garden Furniture

We know it can be hard choosing the right furniture for your garden, and there can be many boxes that you need it to tick, which is why we're here to help you decide! Scroll down for more information on the ever growing popular rattan garden furniture.

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What's So Important About Garden Furniture?

The garden is a calming place for you to relax and unwind in after a stressful day's work. As you're relaxing, you're going to want some comfortable furniture, just as you have inside your home. This is exactly why we recommend rattan garden furniture, as you get the combination of high quality material mixed with perfect comfort. It is continuing to become more and more popular, and as it does, the designs are becoming better and better. There are so many styles and sets to choose from and several colour options too, so allow us to take you through it!

What Shape Of Rattan Garden Furniture Would Be Best for Me?

There are several types of rattan style furniture for you to choose from. While we're here to help guide you, the best idea is for you to choose furniture that is the size and shape that fits neatly into the space you have. Most people's outdoor space tends to be more of a rectangular shape, so you're best off looking at the cube rattan garden sets to find your perfect fit for your garden. If your garden is a slightly different shape, take a look at the round or corner sofa rattan garden sets. The corner sofa sets are particularly useful if you're short on space, and they still provide you with plenty of room for you and your guests. The sets can come with any number of seats up to 10, which makes socialising incredibly easy for you!

What Size Of Rattan Garden Furniture Do I Need?

To determine the best size of rattan furniture for your garden, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it fit in my garden?
  • Are there enough seats for all of my family to sit down?
If you do have a smaller space to work with, a corner sofa set may work best as you can save space and optimise the room that you do have. The rattan corner sofa sets can still have 8 or 9 seats, but may fit better if you only have a small section of your patio to put it on. Or if your garden is larger, you can opt for a 9 seater rattan garden furniture set, perfect for parties or having the family over! For just the two of you you may want to go with a smaller dining set, and can always add extra chairs for when family and friends come over.

What Are The Colour Choices For My Rattan Garden Furniture?

We offer different colour options for all of our rattan garden furniture sets including black, brown and grey. Black and brown are the more original colours for these sets. Grey is the newcomer that tends to be the most modern and popular option. It really makes the stunning rattan material stand out. Ultimately, it's down to personal preference as these are all natural colours that are unlikely to clash with anything else you have around them.

What's The Difference Between Rattan Garden Furniture & Other Garden Furniture?

Rattan garden furniture has a lot of positive points over other types of garden furniture. One of the best features of rattan garden furniture is the fact that it's extremely durable, making it one of the best materials to have for outdoor furniture. It's top of the current trends purely due to its design. The woven rattan texture is recognisable and incredibly popular, sophisticated and easily matches everything else! With rattan furniture you will also be looking out for the environment as rattan is a sustainable material. Vines are cut down to make the furniture and the vines grow back quickly. We could go on for a while, but the last thing we'll mention is how you can leave it outside all year round. It can handle the sun (if we get any!), the rain or snow, but if you don't believe us then simply get yourself a garden furniture cover to protect it!