Magnetic Eyelashes

We know how tiring and frustrating it can be putting mascara on to give your lashes that full luscious look. Yes, we know that Maybelline mascara has always pulled through, but why not take out some of the faff when it comes to getting ready for a night out? Why not join the makeup revolution and get yourself a set of magnetic eyelashes!?

Magnetic eyelashes!? We hear you cry! It may sound a bit strange, but magnetic lashes are a great alternative means of giving yourself incredibly lashes that you'll want to flaunt all night long. You can apply them in a matter of seconds, applying them to both your top and bottom lashes. They are held in place by magnets, giving you that picture perfect look in the blink of an eye! They are particularly useful for those of you with sensitive eyes and find mascara a little too much.

So, next time when it comes to getting ready, get your eyebrows just right, pick the perfect lipstick, style your hair in that way you do, then pop on your pair of magnetic lashes and you'll be ready to stun!

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